Free Four-Hour Parking for Non-Commercial Vehicles in Bayonne

Parking Utility Lots, December 1 Through January 1

          Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the Bayonne Parking Utility lots will offer free four-hour parking for non-commercial vehicles in its parking lots from Friday, December 1, 2023, through Monday, January 1, 2024. 

  Regular parking charges in the lots will resume for non-commercial vehicles on Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Mayor Davis said, “The goal of the four-hour free parking program in the lots is to encourage people to shop and dine in Bayonne during the holiday season.” 

Mayor Davis thanked the Bayonne Parking Utility for supporting the four-hour free parking policy again this year.  He said, “The Parking Utility deserves our gratitude for offering free four-hour parking to non-commercial vehicles in the lots during the 2023 holiday season.”

The four-hour program does not apply to commercial vehicles or to on-street parking meters. All commercial and non-commercial drivers must continue feeding the meters on the streets.   The paid permit program for commercial vehicles that park overnight in the lots will remain in effect.

On certain dates in the holiday season that will be announced, parking charges will not be enforced for the entire day.  Otherwise, the free parking will be limited to four hours. In some previous years, there was free parking around the clock for a month.  However, the program was abused by certain commuters who left their vehicles in free spaces all day, in order to avoid paying for spaces at Light Rail stations.  That is why the holiday season parking program was modified to allow four hours of free parking at a time in the lots for a given non-commercial vehicle.