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Double the pleasure, double the fun!
By Diane Lombardi-Fleming


Hudson County native Jon D’Amore and Manhattan-born rock legend Carmine Appice will entertain the audience at a book signing event .

Jon D’Amore, author of the bestselling memoir, THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK and the novel DEADFELLAS, has done it again with his newly released THE DELIVERY MAN. The author’s expert ability for storytelling, along with his humor, creativity and ability for character development, ensures his third book will also grace the bestseller list. D’Amore’s understanding of the complexities within human thought becomes evident in the first pages. The Delivery Man delivers on all counts. Mystery, suspense, humor, romance and espionage are all expertly woven together into a fun, exciting and unpredictable romp that is sure to please a variety of tastes. Continue reading LOCAL LEGENDS COME TO JERSEY CITY

Author Jon D’Amore to Read from his Book at Tachair Bookshoppe in Jersey City Tonight March 20th



Author Jon D'Amore
Author Jon D’Amore


By River View Staff


Author Jon D’Amore of THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK will read excerpts from his book on Thurs, Mar. 20 at 7 pm at Tachair Bookshoppe in Jersey City. The event is a milestone for D’Amore – it marks the 150th copy of his book to be sold at the neighborhood bookshop on Newark Avenue. Munchies by RICA Brownies will be served, too.


“When Carol, Tachair’s owner, called in January 2013, to say she had sold the 53rd copy of THE BOSS, making it Tachair’s #1 bestselling title, it was fantastic because the book was only on their shelves for 4 months at that point,” D’Amore says. “A few months later, she called again to tell me I was being inducted into their Authors Hall of Fame for the sale of the 100th copy of THE BOSS. And now, even though the book sold very well nationally, to mark the occasion of the 150th copy sold in one independently-owned bookstore in the county where I was born and raised reaffirms my belief that I told a good story that people wanted to hear. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the people from Hudson County who enjoyed reading THE BOSS and spoke so highly about it to others around the country and the world.”

On Wed, Mar. 19 at 7 pm, D’Amore gave a reading at the Ridgefield Library with RICA Brownies as refreshments that night, too.

“It’s worth coming just for the brownies,” D’Amore says.

If you go:

Reading of THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK by author Jon D’Amore

Thurs, Mar. 20, 7 pm

Tachair Bookshoppe

260 Newark Ave

Jersey City

(862) 234-0822


Wed, Mar. 19, 7 pm

Ridgefield Library

527 Morse Road


(201) 941-0192







Tachair Bookshoppe -Jersey City’s new Go-To Spot for Book Lovers, Writers and Serious Coffee Drinkers

By Sally Deering

Tachair Bookshoppe’s Carol and Aleta Valleau and Aleta’s son Paul inside their hip new book store.

 When they opened Tachair Bookshoppe last July, Carol Valleau and her daughter Aleta Valleau took a gamble that local book lovers wanted something more than downloading a book to their Kindles and Nooks. The mother/daughter booksellers gambled on the idea that book lovers want a place to browse new books, thumb through old classics and maybe read a chapter or two while sipping a fresh brewed coffee. It seems their gamble paid off – big time.

 “To have the ability to walk down the street and find a bookstore, it’s nearly impossible,” Carol Valleau says between trips to the counter to help customers with their purchases. “We’re the only book store in Jersey City.”

 “We’re an independent bookstore to the ‘T’,” Aleta Valleau says.

 Tachair Bookshoppe offers new and used fiction, non-fiction, biographies, textbooks, and a warm and friendly atmosphere to browse the shelves. There are tables, too, where you can grab a seat to read, relax and strike up a conversation.  The coffee is delicious too. Continue reading Tachair Bookshoppe -Jersey City’s new Go-To Spot for Book Lovers, Writers and Serious Coffee Drinkers

MOBSTER TALES-Jon D’Amore Who Grew Up in Secaucus, Pens Page Turner on Jersey Wiseguys and The Casino Caper

By Sally Deering

If you grew up in New Jersey it’s likely you knew somebody who had a friend whose second cousin had a brother-in-law whose uncle was connected to “the Mob.” Born in Jersey City and raised in Union City and then Secaucus, Jon D’Amore had family members who were “connected”. An accomplished musician and songwriter, D’Amore kept mental notes of a Las Vegas casino caper that went down back in the day and tells the fascinating and sometimes nail-biting story in his new book, “The Boss Always Sits in the Back.” Here’s an excerpt:

“This is my story, based on actual events, of living on the fringe of what some people call ‘the Mafia.’ You see, several members of my immediate family were connected. Connected simply means that through blood, honor or business…you have a direct connection to the Cosa Nostra, the Mafia, Our Thing, La Famiglia, the Mob. Continue reading MOBSTER TALES-Jon D’Amore Who Grew Up in Secaucus, Pens Page Turner on Jersey Wiseguys and The Casino Caper