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Author Jon D’Amore to Read from his Book at Tachair Bookshoppe in Jersey City Tonight March 20th



Author Jon D'Amore
Author Jon D’Amore


By River View Staff


Author Jon D’Amore of THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK will read excerpts from his book on Thurs, Mar. 20 at 7 pm at Tachair Bookshoppe in Jersey City. The event is a milestone for D’Amore – it marks the 150th copy of his book to be sold at the neighborhood bookshop on Newark Avenue. Munchies by RICA Brownies will be served, too.


“When Carol, Tachair’s owner, called in January 2013, to say she had sold the 53rd copy of THE BOSS, making it Tachair’s #1 bestselling title, it was fantastic because the book was only on their shelves for 4 months at that point,” D’Amore says. “A few months later, she called again to tell me I was being inducted into their Authors Hall of Fame for the sale of the 100th copy of THE BOSS. And now, even though the book sold very well nationally, to mark the occasion of the 150th copy sold in one independently-owned bookstore in the county where I was born and raised reaffirms my belief that I told a good story that people wanted to hear. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the people from Hudson County who enjoyed reading THE BOSS and spoke so highly about it to others around the country and the world.”

On Wed, Mar. 19 at 7 pm, D’Amore gave a reading at the Ridgefield Library with RICA Brownies as refreshments that night, too.

“It’s worth coming just for the brownies,” D’Amore says.

If you go:

Reading of THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK by author Jon D’Amore

Thurs, Mar. 20, 7 pm

Tachair Bookshoppe

260 Newark Ave

Jersey City

(862) 234-0822


Wed, Mar. 19, 7 pm

Ridgefield Library

527 Morse Road


(201) 941-0192