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An Interview with Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith

mayor-smith-photo-july-byobs-2010-cover2A Dedicated Mayor with Strong Values Talks to Our Sister Paper the Bayonne Observer about His Goas for Bayonne.

By Evelyn Bonilla- Photos by Steveamack.com

     As a child born and raised in Bayonne, Mayor Mark Smith grew up enjoying all that his hometown of Bayonne had to offer. It’s way of life, its schools and the neighborhoods around him. The son of a Bayonne police officer and a nurse at Bayonne Hospital, he was taught to treat people with dignity and respect and to always put others before himself. These values were instilled in him and these are the values that he carries with him today. In retrospect, I’m sure he would’ve never imagined that his future would lead him down a path that would revolve around the future of Bayonne and its residents.


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