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Presto’s Restaurant serves Authentic Italian Cuisine in Jersey City


Dishes inspired by Sicilian Family Recipes                    

By Sally Deering

Presto's Italian Restaurant To Sal Albanese, the owner and chef of Presto’s restaurant on Warren Street in Jersey City, food should be simply prepared and lightly seasoned to let the flavor of every ingredient shine through. Too many ingredients and seasonings can overwhelm instead of meld flavors.

Albanese serves his personal philosophy with every plate that comes out of Presto’s kitchen where truly authentic Italian cuisine is the star of the show. Inspired by recipes handed down from family in Sicily – south of “the boot” – Albanese’s dishes stand out because they’re made with fresh, flavorful ingredients.

“A lot of my menu is from family recipes, friends, things you pick up along the way,” Albanese says. “My mother has given me so much info, and a lot of it has to do with how we prepare the sauce. We do it the way my mom made it at home.” Continue reading Presto’s Restaurant serves Authentic Italian Cuisine in Jersey City

Cooking with Heart at Carmela’s Piccola Cucina in Bayonne

From her Tiny Kitchen, Chef Carmela Suppa Serves Tasty, Traditional Italian Fare

 By Sally Deering

Ave C in Bayonne Carmela's Piccola Cucina Nestled among the storefronts on Avenue “C” between 25th and 26th Streets in Bayonne is Carmela’s Piccola Cucina, a cozy little Italian restaurant that serves hearty, home-style dishes from Northern and Southern Italy.

Suppa at her restauant Carmela's in Bayonne
Chef and Owner
Carmela Suppa

In Italian, Carmela’s Piccola Cucina means “tiny kitchen” but that’s the only thing small about the place. Owner and Chef Carmela Suppa cooks serves up hearty portions of homestyle dishes that are delicious and seasoned just right.

“You know when you do something you enjoy, you don’t think about anything else,” Suppa says, taking a break from her work at the stove. “Everything I make is cooked to order.”


Dining room at Carmela's in Bayonne  Carmela’s Piccola Cucina’s menu includes Antipasti like the tasty Calamari served tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside and with a choice of mild or hot sauce; Caprese Stacks, which is Roasted Eggplant, Fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes; Stuffed Mushrooms with Roasted Peppers; and Antipasto Rustico, a Selection of Dry Meats and Sharp Provolone cheese. ($6.50-$8.95)

Continue reading Cooking with Heart at Carmela’s Piccola Cucina in Bayonne