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4th annual ALL ABOUT DOWNTOWN Jersey City Street Fair Kicks Off Sept 20th- Let the Fun Begin 

 JC FESTIVAL SEPT 20The Historic Downtown Special Improvement District (HDSID) will turn Newark Avenue & Grove Street Plaza into a lively festival of all that’s great about Historic Downtown Jersey City when ALL ABOUT DOWNTOWN brings local retailers, restaurateurs, artists and entrepreneurs out into the streets for a day of food, food and pizzazz.

.On Sat, Sept. 20, from 11 am to 6 pm, Grove Street Plaza & Newark Avenue will be bustling with 125 local vendors; over 15 food and fashion trucks; live music performances; fun activities for kids, cool trinkets from local retailers, and art from area artists.  It’s a little bit of everything that makes Historic Downtown Jersey City a very exciting place to be these days. The event is hosted by HDSID led by executive director Rachel Sieg.

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Jersey city’s -Historic Downtown Special Improvement District

HDSID is a public-private partnership through which property owners and business owners have a direct impact on Historic Downtown Jersey City neighborhoods and their development. HDSID works with local businesses, property owners and neighborhood associations in conjunction with the City government to promote the area, improve the services provided and undertake any and all activity to make Historic Downtown Jersey City a better place to live, work and visit.


Working with local businesses, cultural organizations and neighborhood groups to promote the area and make downtown Jersey City a better place to live, work and visit.

Learn  More- http://www.jcdowntown.org/

Good Times in Bad Times-July 09

When the Yellow Brick Road Hits a Speed-bump,these seven Hudsonities follow their hearts

By Sally Deering

Most folks weren’t around to witness The Great Depression of 1929 cover-photo-2-monya-mccarty-nurse2when the stock market crashed and people lost their savings, their jobs and sometimes their lives. But many of us do remember the Dotcom crash of 1987 that caused the stock market to nosedive and Internet entrepreneurs to lose their cybershirts. Well, here we are again, folks, rafting through the troubled waters of another photo-6-laura-schaffnit-of-another-mans-treasures-vintage-shop3recession in a yellow rubber dingy without a paddle.
Uncle Sam is up to his red, white and blues in I.O.U.’s. We owe a trillion and change to to China and according to CreditCard.com, every household in America has more than $8 grand in credit card debt with no end in sight. But Americans are a rugged bunch. When all we have are lemons in the fridge, we thumb our nose at the bad times and toast to better days with a swig of lemonade. 
It’s the American Way and it’s the Hudson way, too.

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