Shakespeare and the Sixth Annual International Park(ing) Day on Jersey City Waterfront

Actors Shakespeare Company of New Jersey City University

“To Park or not to Park”

Hudson Transportation Management Association’s Joins Salute to World Parks in Newport Waterfront Area in Jersey City, NJ

What’s the saying… “All the worlds a stage.” On Friday September 17th in the Newport  waterfront section in downtown Jersey City, the Hudson Transportation Management Association used two parking spaces to prove that point.

 Joing a world salute to parks, the HTMA , placed the Actors Shakespeare Company of New Jersey City University pictured above between two parking spaces on Town Square Place  and Pavonia area to show that land used for parking is actually valuable real estate that could be used for public theater, parks, community uses and other events.

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Dressed in their Elizabethan costumes members of the troupe entertained workers, and residents passing by from 11am to 4pm.

Our River View photographer Newsboi sat a while and watched saying ” “Very interesting to watch Shakespeare being performed in a small  outside open space, it’s how they watched his plays performed hundreds of years ago.” I enjoyed the performance.

Jersey City was among 140 other cities and 21 countries  who took part in the event:”Sixth  Annual International Park(ing) Day by converting into parks everyday metered spaces.

Other Hudson County cities to participate were Hoboken and  another location in Jersey City.

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