New Shopping Program to Boost Bayonne Businesses and Reduce Property Taxes

Shopping broadway bayonne
With the new Shop Bayonne Card up for proposal Bayonne  shoppers would save  money on their property taxes for shopping Bayonne

     Bayonne’s Mayor Mark A. Smith recently announced that his Administration will present a proposal for a Shop Bayonne Card that would encourage people to shop locally and save on their property taxes at the same time.  Mayor Smith said, “Bayonne stores and professional services need to increase their numbers of customers, and Bayonne property owners can reduce their tax bills.  The Shop Bayonne Card will achieve both goals.  We are very excited about this proposal, which will be a win-win for the people of Bayonne.”  Mayor Smith thanked Second Ward Council Member Joseph Hurley for bringin this program to my attention.”

            This spring, the City of Bayonne will mail Shop Bayonne Cards to every known household in the community.  The cards will appear similar to credit and debit cards, complete with a magnetic strip on the reverse side.  Mayor Smith explained, “They can be used only at participating Bayonne businesses.”  Smith continued, “Each participating enterprise will offer its own percentage of the purchase price, which will be transferred into a special property tax reduction fund for each cardholder. When Bayonne residents receive the cards in the mail, they would need to activate them before taking them to local stores and offices.”  The cards must be registered online at  Every time a resident shops at a participating merchant and they swipe the card, the amount of the discount will be registered on the Internet.  Consumers will be able to check their progress online throughout the year.   

            Renters and others who don’t own Bayonne properties would have the option of receiving the discounts in the form of annual rebate checks.”  Mayor Smith observed, “In that way, the card can benefit everyone. On the website, shoppers will be able to check for available discounts and track progress of savings.  This is another tool that local businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage.  It is an example of our commitment to our businesses.”

           Mayor Smith concluded, “The Shop Bayonne Card will produce great economic benefits for consumers and businesses alike.  I would like to encourage all Bayonne shoppers and businesses to participate in this great new program.”