Join Exchange Physical Therapy Group in the Fight Against Breast Cancer 

As someone who has witnessed firsthand the profound impact that early detection can have on outcomes, Fulop, who is also on the board of Let’s Save Ma, is committed to ensuring that all women have access to the information and resources they need for early detection. This cause holds personal significance for her as well. 

Breast cancer remains one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Its effects ripple through countless lives and families across the globe. Whether or not we personally know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, it is crucial that we come together to support those battling this disease. Let’s Save Ma aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and promote regular screenings for early detection.

By supporting this fundraising event hosted by EPTG, you can make a tangible difference in the fight against breast cancer while joining Let’s Save Ma in fulfilling their mission. Jaclyn Fulop expressed her determination stating: “This disease has touched my life so deeply through my best friend‘s battle with Stage 4 metastatic triple-negative breast cancer.” She continued passionately saying: “It is essential that we come together as a community to ensure every woman has access to necessary resources for early detection. Our fundraising event is an opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of those affected by breast cancer.”

In November 2021, Fulop’s childhood best friend Gianna was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Despite undergoing extensive surgery and numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, her friend received the devastating news earlier this year that the cancer had not only returned but had spread even further. The oncology team delivered a heartbreaking prognosis of just 12-15 months left to live.  Gianna sadly passed away on September 16, 2023. 

Breast cancer knows no boundaries—it affects anyone regardless of age or ethnicity. Dr. Deval Gadhvi , founder of Let’s Save Ma, shared her own journey with breast cancer: “This disease doesn’t discriminate based on age or background,” she said passionately. “I’ve made it my life’s work now not only because I want other women like me to become aware but also because I believe we can make prevention accessible through education and early detection.”

During the month of October, Carepoint will be holding a   Mammogram-o-thon providing appointment-free access to Mammograms at each of their three hospitals: Christ Hospital, Hoboken University Medical Center and Bayonne Medical Center.

CarePoint Health, an event sponsor, also understands the importance of early detection and annual screenings along with providing greater access to Mammograms within the communities they serve in Hudson County. “ Carepoint Health is excited to help support and sponsor Jaclyn Fulop‘s and EPTG’s upcoming fundraiser for the nonprofit organization Let’s Save Ma. Breast Cancer and people suffering is personal to the entire Carepoint family and we look forward to supporting this great cause, “ said the hospital spokesperson. 

Join EPTG and Let’s Save Ma on Tuesday, October 10th at 7:30pm, as they actively participate in the fight against breast cancer. Together, we can make a difference and raise crucial funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer. For sponsorship and ticket information please email [email protected].


As an internal medicine physician, Deval Gadhvi, MD is skilled at performing exams, treating illnesses and answering patients’ questions. In 2015, at just 39 years old, her life drastically changed when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. The physician, with no known risk factors, became the patient fighting for survival. Her experience as a breast cancer survivor led to the formation of Let’s Save Ma, a 501(c)(3) founded in 2021, committed to raising breast cancer awareness and providing access to breast cancer screenings to women of all ages with a focus on reaching the South Asian and other underserved populations. Early detection can save lives, one screening at a time.


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