Hudson County’s Artie Lange Stabs Self According to Hoboken Police Department

artie-langeArtie Lange  makes us laugh every day on the Howard Sterns’ Sirus Radio show with his on air antics, but it seems some sad, and obviously emotional off air antics has the talened comedian and actor seriously trying to hurt himself.

Hoboken police  have confirmed that Lange apparently stabbed himself nine times last Saturday morning leaving knife wounds to his stomach at his luxury condo in Hoboken, New Jersey. A reason has not been given for Mr. Lange stabbing himself, but according to neighbors; Lange, has had some problems that has resulted in some stays at Rehab clinics.

Mr. Lange has also spoken about many of his demons in his best selling book “Too Fat to Fish” which was released in November of last year. In Chapter 8, called “Pig in Shit” -Mr. Lange states in detail his experiences with drugs for many years and how it all began.

Bleeding, unconscious but alive; Lange, was found by his own mother who called 911 last Saturday morning, when  paramedics did arrive they found the comedian / actor star of the hijinx movie “Beer League” conscious and rushed him to Jersey City’s Medical Center.

Hoboken resident Nara Desmond who said  she often sees Lange in Hoboken said “I think he is very funny, and yet I see that connection with other comedians like John Belushi, and Chris Farley, and  I hope that Artie Lange doesn’t wind up the same way as they did. It would be another terrible loss of talent.”

Hudson County has been Lange’s home for some time, and many of his neighbors have a tremendous amount of love and respect for Howard Stern’s morning sidekick and  wish him well.

We  too wish him well.

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