Hudson County Community College Named to ‘2011 Military-Friendly Schools’ List

HCCC rated in top 15% of all trade schools, colleges and universities throughout the USA for best education, value and welcome to military members, veterans and spouses

hccc-military“Hudson County Community College’s inclusion on the G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Schools list was announced at the Board of Trustees’ meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 10. Pictured from left for the plaque presentation are William J. Netchert, Esq., Chair of the Board of Trustees; Nelson Vieira, Director of Admissions; Willie Malone, Enrollment Records Assistant; Dr. Paula P. Pando, Vice President for the North Hudson Center/Student Affairs; Dr. Glen Gabert, President of HCCC; and Peter Vida, Associate Dean of Enrollment Services.”

  JERSEY CITY, N.J. / August 24, 2010 – Hudson County Community College has learned that the College will be named to the “Military-Friendly Schools” List. The College was chosen from 7,000 institutions of higher education across the country to be included on the list, and the official designation will be made in September. Only 15% of all of the nation’s schools of higher education make the list.



HCCC President Dr. Glen Gabert said in order for an institution to be named a “Military-Friendly School,” it must welcome American military veteran, active-duty and reserve students and offer them the best education and value possible. The schools on the list must also provide military students with flexibility in their classes, access to financial aid, and additional gains, including an ongoing campus veterans’ program and credit for service.

The “Military-Friendly Schools” List is determined after thorough research by the G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Schools team. The research includes data collected from government agencies and private entities that administer education benefits, as well as a survey conducted by G.I. Jobs. The team compiles and weighs the findings for trade schools, colleges and universities, and determines scores based upon the following criteria:

            • 45% for “Effort I:” Certifications, programs and policies that measure a school’s non-financial efforts to recruit and retain military and veteran students (VA-approval to accept the GI Bill, SOC membership, academic credit for CLEP and ACE, flexible learning programs);

            • 35% for “Effort II:” Financial commitment, that is, a school’s financial efforts to recruit and retain military and veteran students;

            • 15% for School’s Results: the institution’s success in recruiting military and veteran students;

            • 5% for Other Categories: including, but not limited to an institution’s academic accreditations.

“Hudson County Community College provides active military personnel, reservists and veterans with a wealth of opportunities to further their military careers and to prepare for civilian careers through our associate degree and specialized certificate programs,” Dr. Gabert said. He noted that many of those programs – including Nursing, Paramedic Science, Homeland Security, Electronics Technology, Criminal Justice and Languages – prove to be of special interest to men and women who are currently serving our country or who have served.

“All of us here at the College consider it a privilege to serve the men and women who have played such an enormous role in protecting our country. Hudson County Community College has always been a military-friendly school, and we are very happy to be officially recognized for that,” Dr. Gabert stated.

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