Wright’s U.S. National Martial Arts Team Receives Hall of Fame Status

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 Picture: From left to right: First Row: Sensei’s Anthony Bianciella, Esq., Grand Master Austin Wright Sr., Former U.S.A.F., Keith Price, Former Army and Assistant Instructor Herman Baretto, Former U.S.M.C.  Back Row: Kenneth Thompson Sr. Former National Guard


On March 2, 2013, at the Airport Marriott Hotel, Newark, NJ, Grand Master Dr. Austin Wright Sr.’s and World Martial Art Leaders, Top Rated Master, Sensei’s and Champions were inducted in the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  They are the Newest Team of “Rising Stars” that helped to make U.S.A. a major Force and an International World Class Team in Competition.

 Austin Wright a Hall of Fame Promoter and Alumni inducted Former UFC Fighter Emmanuel Yarborough, who is the Guinness Book of World Record, “Largest Athlete” standing 6’8 and almost 800lbs. Partnering with SideKick Talk Radio Host Shihan Allen Woodman and Co Host Sensei Timmy Prisk were on hand to interview and partner with Wright in organizing the Autograph Picture and Signing Event.

 UWA Martial Arts Instructors and Associates were inducted for being Top Rated Leaders and Champions.   The Induction Ceremony Dinner was held that evening at the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame / Hall of Heroes.  The Induction Ceremony was attended by Martial Art Leaders from various Disciplines of Traditional Judo, Ju-Jutsu Karate, Kick Boxing, Kung-Fu, TKD and MMA.  Also, movie star celebrities Shoaling Kung-Fu Expert Grand Master Eric Lee and Jeff Meed were flown and hosted by Wright and Dr. Thomas as Guest Speakers for the Hall of Fame. To be the Master of Ceremony and take photos at Wright’s SuperStar Martial Arts Tournament the following day. In fact, Austin Wright Sr. received two of the highest honors of the evening which was the “International Visionary Leader” Award and a Certified 9th Dan (Degree) Rank Certificate to promote American Judo Ju-Jitsu Combative Arts Tactical Self-Defense System.

 During the ceremony, Dr. Thomas (the Head Coach of the “U.S. National Alliance Team”) explained how Wright earned this Rank and discussed the future goals of the “Alliance” and their mission.  The next Tournament Competition will be held in Cancun, Mexico which is a qualifier for future World Games. 

 Wright’s lineage, skills, years of dedication and formal training, determination, education, and most of all “Proven Results” in the National and International Karate and Jujitsu, Arena, stated. Dr. Thomas at the Hall of Fame as he signed the certified Rank Certificate along with Japan’s Hirouki Matsumoto, who is a 10th Dan and sits on the Panel of International Ranking Advisors and Board of Directors.

 Mr. Wright states, he could not have come this far in his vision, without being raised and trained by a strong traditional formal karate force and school known as Isshin-Ryu from the Bayonne Branch.  He gives a lot of credit to his father Hanshi Dennis Wright, 9th Dan, for his success, the Late Grand Master Don Nagle’s Isshin-Ryu Karate and Dr. James Lavender Judo Ju-Jitsu Combative Arts 10th Dan Legacy.

 U.W.A. Federation Members consist of Athletes of all ages, genders, and diverse cultural background from Bayonne, Jersey City, Kearny and Irvington New Jersey.

 The following Leaders were inducted in the 2013 U.S.A. Martial Arts “Hall of Fame”:

 Mr. Austin Wright Sr., 10th Dan Black Belt in U.W.A., – “International Visionary Leader” Award

Mr. Eulices Mateo, 3rd Dan in U.W.A., – “Instructor of the Year” Award.

Mr. Kenneth Thompson Sr., 2nd Dan Black Belt in U.W.A., – “National Instructor of the Year” Award.

Mr. Keith Price, 1st Dan Black Belt in U.W.A., – “Male Fighter of the Year” Award

Mr. Anthony Bianciella, 1st Dan Black Belt in U.W.A., – “Male Black Belt of the Year” Award.

Mr. Timothy S. Prisk Sr.  “Sensei of the Year, Isshin-Ryu” Award.

Mr. Herman Barreto, Brown Belt in U.W.A., – “Associate Instructor of the Year” Award.

 All students are trained under the direct supervision of highly qualified U.W.A. Instructors and N.J. State Director and Head Coach Austin Wright Sr.  For more information please call Mr. Wright at (201) 437-1820 or visit us at www.uwa-martialarts.com or www.bayonnemma.com.  Our motto is “Family Safety First” while “Preparing Leaders for Unlimited Success. Also, Like Us on Facebook, universalwarriorarts and Bayonne-MMA or Jersey City MMA.