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Social Media Certificate Program

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A presence on social media in conjunction with a business website ensures you and your business are searchable. The content shared on the social media platform allows potential customers to get to know you before they reach out. Experts advise companies to consider quality over quantity when it comes to their social media posts. Businesses need to understand the difference between sales and marketing.Source: Northwest Indiana Business Magazine
Hudson County Community College’s Department of Continuing Education is proud to offer a New live, fully online Social Media Marketing Certificate program this Summer. The certificate program promises participants will learn how social networks are used to develop a two-way communication and create marketing strategies you can take back and integrate into your communication and marketing skillset. Participants will analyze, develop, implement, and evaluate media strategies as an integral part of the overall marketing communications strategy throughout the program. The course will focus on how Social Media strategies can be used effectively in marketing communications programs, what Social Media platforms should/should not be used, how to build engagement, and how to measure, track, and evaluate performance and effectiveness.
Program benefits:Summarize the evolution of social media and its interaction with and effect on the media landscapeApply critical thinking and evaluation skills in assessing, applying, and participating in social mediaComprehend the current communication norms of social mediaUtilize current Social Media tools and channels and understand the Social Media participantDevelop strategic and tactical Social Media communication skillsDemonstrate presentation and writing skillsIdentify, analyze and apply new communication strategies and tactics
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