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Where did Lego Man Come from-8ft Statue Washes Up on Florida Beach

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Bobbing gently in ankle-deep surf at a beach in Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida an 8 foot tall statue of Lego Man has stirred quite a mystery, having Siesta Beach authorities and local residents  askining where did it originate from, and how did it get in the water?

Resembling the little plastic figures that come with a child’s Lego set this mamouth piece is thought to be the brain- child of a dutch artist. And it is becoming to sound more and more as an art experiement because Lego Man has been popping up on various  shore lines since 2007 .

The words “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE” are written on the front of  his shirt and on the back of his shirt the name Ego  Leonard, who by the way has his own website. Until someone comes forward to claim Lego Man in Florida he will remain in the custody of the local Sherrief’s property shop.

If you want to find out more about Lego Man and visit Ego Leonard’s website click the link provided below.

Let us know what you think of Lego Man?

Lego Man

THIS DRESS IS SNAPPY-Dress Made of 12,000 Rubber Bands- Would You Wear It?

River View Observer “Site Seeing” Bringing you interesting posts from around the web.

rubber-band-dressBeautifully designed dress is made of 12,000 rubber bands.

Would you wear it?

Desinged by architect Margarita Mileva. Inspired by Paul Klee and Bauhaus.

This unique dress is made of 14,235 rubber bands in total,  8.8 pounds of rubber bands of various colors, lengths and sizes. Approximately , 2,225 for the belt,100 for the hair piece and  an amazing 12,000 for the dress.

Who knows maybe next year -will see it at Fashion Week!

Source: Stylelite

Waking from a 24 Hour Coma has Croatian Girl Speaking Fluent German Not Croatian

River View Observer “Site Seeing” Bringing you interesting posts from around the web.”

A 13 year old Croatian girl who was in a coma for 24 hours awoke and was able to communicate in fluent German, but  not in Croatian . Her parents said she has been studying German but cannot understand how she can speak it as fluently as she does. Doctors are baffled.

Source: boingboing -NYDaily News