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Cool School-Express Yourself at the Jersey City Art School



By Sally Deering

 Jersey City’s artist community – painters, sculptors, musicians, film and theater professionals – give this urban city an added vibrancy with a dash of cool. Arts collectives like Pro Arts and Art House Productions – and the Hudson County Division of Cultural Affairs – do their part to support artists through exhibitions, performances and group shows and the Jersey City Redevelopment Authority has been giving well-known street artists highway embankments and building facades to enhance the city’s visual beauty and community identity. Continue reading Cool School-Express Yourself at the Jersey City Art School

Jersey City’s Got Everything -For Now

The Everything Jersey City Festival will Celebrate Community Pride and UEZ Support at a Time when Budget Cuts Loom

By Sally Deering

 If you don’t know by now, one-third of Jersey City is a designated Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ\) a designation that offers local businesses tax and other financial incentives to help grow their businesses and stimulate local economy.  Sale tax revenues generated by UEZ businesses go for economic development and neighborhood improvements like street lights, paving, flowerboxes — and other programs that give constituents a feeling of pride in their community.

To celebrate the UEZ’s success revitalizing the Heights section of Jersey City – the neighborhood nestled on the cliff above Hoboken – the Central Avenue Special Improvement District (CASID) Management Corporation presents the Everything Jersey City Festival which takes place Sat., May 21st from 11 am-to-6 pm along Central Avenue from Congress to Hutton Streets. Continue reading Jersey City’s Got Everything -For Now