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Peter Perrotta: The Singing Wall Street Consultant

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 Peter Perrotta, AKA Tony Roman on “Gene Simmons “Family Jewels” Keeps His Toes in Show Business and His Eyes on Wall Street

By Sally Deering

Take a drive with Peter Perrotta and he’ll sing in the car. Visit his New York office on the 50th floor overlooking Manhattan and he’ll burst into song working at his computer. Perrotta sings like some people talk – it’s a reflex, he just  can’t help himself – the guy’s a natural.

And he’s great at it, too. On a CD he recently recorded, Perrotta sings tunes from the Great American Songbook and his voice has soul, passion and ranges a couple of octaves. He can sound like his heroes Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, yet  his sound is pure Perrotta, big, robust and full of life.


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