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Green, Textured Bike Lanes Roll Out in Jersey City

 Jersey City is the first municipality in the state to receive this particular coating treatment

handlebars3JERSEY CITY—The biking community in Jersey City marked another watershed this week, as contractors began installing a new, highly visible green surface in bike lanes on busy streets. They are the first specially colored or textured bike lanes in the city, and among the first in the state.

Work on the surfacing began last Thursday, as city bike lane contractors Statewide Striping began laying down Endurablend, a mixture including polymer, fine gravel, and green dye, in pre-striped bike lanes along Christopher Columbus Drive. The surface is being sprayed through a honeycomb-patterned stencil, forming small hex shapes divided by thin lattice lines. The color emphasizes to cyclists and drivers that the lane is for bikes only, and the gravel is for traction, while the hex pattern is designed for better wear and drainage than solid coverings, according to Statewide representatives. Continue reading Green, Textured Bike Lanes Roll Out in Jersey City