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The Dinosaurs Are Coming- Secaucus 24 Acre Park Opening May 2012

Presenting the Dinosaur Creator,Mr Gsell's: Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and Secaucaus Mayor GonnelliPresenting his creation at the future site of the ‘Field Station: Dinosaurs a 24 acre educational park scheduled to open in May 2012 near Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus is the Exhibition Creator Guy G’sell, also in attendance was  Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli.

All photos by steveamack.com

Sunday, December 4th showing is just the begining of what will become a Jurasic Park in Hudson County with 31 life -sized, animatronic (mechanically controlled dinosaurs that will roam along natural trails.


 A select group of paleontologists, educators, government officials and a few very lucky children were on hand  Sunday December 4th  as New Jersey welcomed  its first walking, breathing, roaring T-Rex to Secaucus and the future site of Field Station: Dinosaurs. After months of speculation, the official announcement will be made in Hudson County’s Laurel Hill Park against the backdrop of a 150-million year old rock formation and within sight of the new attraction’s dramatic, untamed twenty-acre property. Continue reading The Dinosaurs Are Coming- Secaucus 24 Acre Park Opening May 2012