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TAMMY BLANCHARD “Amish Grace” Actress Follows Her Yellow Brick Road

“Tammy Blanchard’s performance in Amish Grace gets to your heart and evokes emotions that leave you feeling numb from sorrow for the character she portrays. This multi -talented actress is one more role closer to winning an Academy Award . She is well on her way to becoming a certified movie star like Meryl Streep, Helen Mirrin, Charlize Theron, Betty Davis, Greta Garbo and “Hollywood Lady Royalty” we have come to love – She is the one to watch” –The River View Observer


Amish Grace Sunday Night March 28th-8pm on the Lifetime Channel

By Sally Deering 

 Emmy-award winning actress Tammy Blanchard recalls growing up in the 1980s a shy girl who cherished Judy Garland’s performance in “The Wizard of Oz,” and dreamed of her own stardom in her tiny bedroom.  In the past ten years, Blanchard’s break-out performances as Judy Garland and other complex women have received critical acclaim and respect from her peers. And like Garland, whom Blanchard calls her “angel,” when it comes to playing a role or singing a song, her shyness disappears and she becomes a chameleon blending herself into the part and in the process turning in dynamic, edge-of-your-seat performances that are anything but shy. Continue reading TAMMY BLANCHARD “Amish Grace” Actress Follows Her Yellow Brick Road

Top Taliban Commander Captured in Pakistan

A joint CIA and Pakistani operation led to the arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the number two leader of the Taliban. In what is generally being viewed as a major development in the War on Terror and the current NATO offensive in Afghanistan, U.S. and Pakistani forces arrested the number two Taliban  leader in Karachi nearly two weeks ago. Continue reading Top Taliban Commander Captured in Pakistan

Jersey City Mayor Healy to Residents: “Get Counted!” in the 2010 Census

Fairness of Federal funding opportunities, Congressional redistricting and State legislative districting dependent on a proper 2010 Census count
Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy announced today that his administration would like to increase public awareness concerning the upcoming 2010 Census and to motivate residents to participate in a manner that produces the best and most accurate count in Jersey City.
    The United States Census Bureau is launching a massive address canvassing operation to verify and update more than 145 million addresses as it prepares to conduct the 2010 Census.

The address canvassing operation, which began Monday, will be conducted out of 151 local Census offices across the U.S. The official kickoff date for the U.S. Census is April 1, 2010. Continue reading Jersey City Mayor Healy to Residents: “Get Counted!” in the 2010 Census