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Newark Bay Ferry Service for Bayonne Discussed at Virtual Meeting

hearing on block grant

          On Thursday, March 5, officials from the Hudson County Planning Department led a discussion about the possibilities for ferry service to and from the west side of Bayonne.  Meeting virtually, more than fifty people took part in the event.  The discussion included Hudson County officials, City of Bayonne representatives, real estate developers, Bayonne commuters, and others.  (Note:  Possible ferry service on Newark Bay – on Bayonne’s west side – is not to be confused with ferry service to New York that has already been planned between the former Military Ocean Terminal – on Bayonne’s east side.)

          Kevin Force, Principal Planner from the Hudson County Department of Planning, cited several reasons for the county’s interest in ferries. Hudson County’s dense population, waterfront access, congested roadways, and crowded transit systems all point to the need to expand local transportation options.  Force polled meeting participants about the factors involved in taking a ferry.  The most important factor for participants was having a ferry that would travel to where they want to go.  The second most important factor for participants was the availability of ferries and their schedules.

          Among the areas Hudson County officials are studying for possible ferry service are Bayonne’s west side (Newark Bay) waterfront; the Bayfront area on the west side of Jersey City; South Harrison; South Kearny; West New York; and Hoboken.

Shoreline Clean-Up at Rutkowski Park Bayonne Set for Saturday, March 23

Bayonne Nature Club Volunteer to Shoreline Clean-up of Rutkowski Park  in Bayonne

 CITY OF BAYONNE SEALBayonne Mayor Mark A. Smith  announced that the Bayonne Nature Club has volunteered to lead a shoreline clean-up at Mayor Richard A. Rutkowski Park on Saturday, March 23, at 10:00 a.m. Rutkowski Park is located in the northwest corner of Bayonne, on Newark Bay, just above the northern end of Stephen R. Gregg-Bayonne County Park. Mayor Smith said, “I would like to thank the Bayonne Nature Club volunteers for spearheading this shoreline clean-up. Their efforts will help to maintain the park in its natural condition. The Bayonne Public Works Department will provide logistical support for the work of the volunteers. The Nature Club and the City of Bayonne encourage any interested organizations and individuals to join the shoreline clean-up on Saturday.”

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