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Horoscope May 2013 brought to you by ASTRAL COMMUNICATIONS



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zodiac-signs-vectors-10200-large copyAries -Your hands on approach towards business matters may need a little rehab in the month of May. Something has been developing and you have been oblivious to its possible destructive nature. Now, you must act decisively and remove the threat. We’re not speaking “World War” just a little in work drama but never the less, it must be handled. Aries regains the title of the “Big Ram “in charge!

Taurus -Nothing could be finer than the month of May with an abundance of Taurus energy in the 11th house of hopes and wishes! Like a refreshing spring afternoon after a storm, the clouds have cleared and you can smell the flowers. Your nature has made it difficult to accept the concept of peace and love but you have never given up hope. Enjoy and accept with gratitude as this is the beginning of a sustainable happy time.

Gemini The transiting Jupiter in your sign in the 12th house governing the subconscious mind finds you creating new possibilities of success. This is a time where thought and action come together and the stars help you with your goals. The astral advice suggests that you “Dream Big” and use the aid of Jupiter to create the life you desire. The time is now. What are you waiting for, another Jupiter return in twelve years? Go for the gold!

Cancer - Thoughts are things so begin to view them as such. You are very good on focusing on what you don’t want. In order to achieve the most positive results we must concentrate on what we do desire. The astral advice advises that you imagine yourself at the best physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Using the mind with clear intention will change time and space into the mirror of your thoughts. Try it and watch what happens!

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