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zodiac-signs-vectors-10200-large copyAries -Your hands on approach towards business matters may need a little rehab in the month of May. Something has been developing and you have been oblivious to its possible destructive nature. Now, you must act decisively and remove the threat. We’re not speaking “World War” just a little in work drama but never the less, it must be handled. Aries regains the title of the “Big Ram “in charge!

Taurus -Nothing could be finer than the month of May with an abundance of Taurus energy in the 11th house of hopes and wishes! Like a refreshing spring afternoon after a storm, the clouds have cleared and you can smell the flowers. Your nature has made it difficult to accept the concept of peace and love but you have never given up hope. Enjoy and accept with gratitude as this is the beginning of a sustainable happy time.

Gemini The transiting Jupiter in your sign in the 12th house governing the subconscious mind finds you creating new possibilities of success. This is a time where thought and action come together and the stars help you with your goals. The astral advice suggests that you “Dream Big” and use the aid of Jupiter to create the life you desire. The time is now. What are you waiting for, another Jupiter return in twelve years? Go for the gold!

Cancer - Thoughts are things so begin to view them as such. You are very good on focusing on what you don’t want. In order to achieve the most positive results we must concentrate on what we do desire. The astral advice advises that you imagine yourself at the best physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Using the mind with clear intention will change time and space into the mirror of your thoughts. Try it and watch what happens!

Leo -The astral advice suggests you don’t allow your ego to get in the way of true friendship. Someone has been aiding you for many years but because you’ve hit hard times you are sulking in the “Why Me Syndrome.” Your luck will return when you can conquer the tendency to blame others for your present state of affairs. Get out of your own way with wasteful thoughts and start working, without stopping, to become the new and improved Lion. Yes, you can make a comeback!

Virgo -Watching from a distance as events unfold and looking always with a critical eye, you seem somewhat out of touch. It is time to become a participant in your own life! The astral advice suggests you look at challenge as an exciting puzzle that must be deciphered instead of a dreadful deadly game. Simply change your point of view. As you go forward look only on the sunny side of life.

Libra - Your desire to remain above the fray when disagreements occur can sometimes be misinterpreted as fear. Avoidance usually doesn’t bring positive results as issues then take on their own energy and become bigger and even harder to confront. Lesson for Libra in May, you can question issues that don’t make you comfortable and still retain the admiration and respect of others! You can say “NO” and still be loved!

Scorpio -Smile though your heart is breaking. Emotions run high normally with the Scorpio native. It is only logical that with Saturn in your sign these undercurrents of pain might be heightened. So, realize it’s just a phase that the Universe is putting you through to make you stronger. It is a phase that had a beginning and will surely end. Improve yourself by focusing on goals and above all, smile. It really isn’t that bad. It’s perfect! It’s life!

Sagittarius -The light hearted Archer that had disappeared for a while is back. The astral energies agree that you will experience luck in all aspects of your life. Your smile will be contagious as your ruler, Jupiter, paints others with its benevolent brush. Vacation plans and parties with friends are happy and frequent in the month of May. Good times are in your future. Enjoy!!

Capricorn  -Work is always of great importance and you are feeling that it will soon be changing. Look at the world stage. It is only a logical assumption. Capricorn, however, is better suited to ride the so called economic storms than most other signs. You will be fine and may reinvent yourself to be more successful in this global market. No worries, just depend on the resilience and wisdom of the financial Goat.

Aquarius -There is no armor against fate! You may be trying to hold back the development of a child or loved one with the wrong assumption that you are being protective. If they are really a part of you they will return if you set them free. You cannot squelch progress. Look at this as a positive time and a growth experiment. You win by releasing those you love and they return and are thankful of your confidence in them.

 Pisces - Fantasy thinking burns more energy and gives fewer results. The astral advice suggests you take inventory of your dreams and begin to act on them in the physical realm. You are ultimately the ship’s captain of your life. Being a passive dreaming passenger is bringing less than the desired results. Remember that behind your wishful kind exterior you ara an ambitious soul. Most of all use your mind wisely!

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