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Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
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Way to Wealth -2010 Version of Benjamin Franklin’s 1758 Way to WealthToday’s recession economy has made most people pessimistic about their financial prospects. With daily offers of get-rich-quick schemes and big pay for little work, people don’t know what to believe. But Americans have always believed in the founding fathers, which is why Jack Vincent’s rewrite of Benjamin Franklin’s 1758 Way to Wealth (Helpful Info Publishing) is a relevant and welcomed addition to anyone’s collection. This timeless guide to financial prosperity has been rewritten and adapted for modern readers and today’s economy. In these uncertain times, readers can apply Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom to their lives and financially prosper.*

Way to Wealth Book

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Jack Vincent is a loving father of four who married at 17 and quickly learned responsibility. He read Way to Wealth, and its message transformed him. His lifelong application of its principles has made him a multiple award-winning successful business, real estate, and insurance entrepreneur for a quarter of a century. He is now passing the keys to success to readers. Young people and adults ready to change their lives can benefit from this book’s transformative message of hope.

Each copy purchased provides the reader opportunities to directly ask Jack Vincent questions online; he handles his own email. His goal is to get a million copies of this life-changing book to the public. Just because Vincent rewrote a book about financial prosperity does not mean he is selfish; on the contrary, he has offered to donate copies to religious organizations, libraries, schools, and individuals unable to afford it. Those in need can click on “Request for Donation” on his website for more information.

Jack Vincent is living proof the wisdom in this book changes lives and leads to financial success. Fans can find and follow Jack Vincent on Facebook by his name and on Twitter as “AskBenFranklin.” The book is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or upon request from local bookstores. Readers can even buy a limited number of signed copies for $12.95 and find other interesting information at Jack Vincent’s website at:

*The River View Observer and its parent company Ad Vantage Publishing Inc. does not  make any claim of financial prosperity after reading this book.

This is soley the opinion of its author. This post about the book is purely for entertainment reasons, and your information about such books being in the market place.

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