New Jersey Writer/Director Patrick Knipe Takes Filmmaking to a New Level

patrickknipe-scarecrowBy Evelyn Bonilla

Imagination can be a powerful force, and

if used creatively it can give way to magnificent creations. Let’s take New Jersey filmmaker Patrick Knipe for example; his compilation of imagination coupled with inspiration has brought to fruition films that are suspenseful and explore the human psyche.

Born in the town of Vernon, NJ, Knipe grew up in a heavily wooded area, his surroundings inspired him and tales of war told to him by his grandfather, who fought on Iowa Jima during World War II at the young age of 17, convinced Knipe that he wanted to write. As the years passed by his interested in the art of storytelling and filmmaking grew. In 2003, Knipe graduated with honors from Boston College with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Film Studies. He would then go on to England for a year to study English, American and Irish Literature at the St. Edmund Hall of Oxford University. His continued interest for filmmaking would lead him to the University Of Southern California School Of Cinematic Arts where he earned an MFA in Film and TV Production.

It was during his time at the USC School of Cinematic Arts that Knipe would create a very compelling short film that would explore the effects of war; as seen through the eyes of a young soldier. In his short film “Scarecrow” which is set during the Civil War, Knipe  tells the story of a young confederate soldier named Jack who goes off to war to become a hero, the battle torn grounds horrify the young soldier and he runs away only to head into a nearby cornfield.
     It is in this cornfield that the story of Jack begins and where true courage and honor are born. Knipe explains, “Scarecrow delves right into the bloodiest period of American History and the incredible sacrifice and loss our country endured in order to determine its identity and ensure the freedom of all men and women. It is an especially relevant tale in these tumultuous times.”
      To date “Scarecrow” has won numerous awards for Knipe, it has won a total of eight awards and has played in 17 film festivals throughout North America. The next step for “Scarecrow” will be submission to film festivals abroad.

Writing and filmmaking have always been a passion for the young Knipe, but it is also his skill at the art of sound design that makes this young director a “triple threat”. Equipped with all of these components Knipe brings to his films tales of “bravery, compassion and human response.”
     Similar to the great film director Alfred Hitchcock, who throughout his career pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genre, Knipe is unique in that he adds his own personal touch of sincerity to his characters.
     At present Knipe is hard at work on a supernatural thriller which takes place in New Jersey.  
He is also working with his production company, “Mythmakers” on a family feature film which he co-wrote and co-produced called, “A Touch of Magic, which is set to go into production in late 2010.
     When asked what advice he would give to new up and coming filmmakers, he explained, “It’s important to have a completed film project to show investors what you’re capable of.  You need to develop a thick skin against rejection and harsh criticism. You also need to believe in yourself and your work.”
     Believing and accomplishing is something this young director has achieved. His goal is to   continue to write, produce, work on sound design and focus on future directing projects. His mission is to entertain and to bring stories to the screen that captivate and move the soul.
     Truth is Patrick Knipe has definitely accomplished his mission. His film “Scarecrow” certainly moves the soul and takes you to a new level. Interested in learning more about Patrick Knipe and his film “Scarecrow” sign on to www.scarecrow and explore.

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