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Jen Hobbs - Model and Actress

By Evelyn Bonilla

Breaking into the modeling industry is no easy feat, with agencies scampering to find the perfect model with that special uniqueness; most young girls aspiring to become models tend to count themselves out from the challenge.
But who stated that you need to be at least 5’8″ tall or taller (especially for runway) or that your body weight and proportions need to flatter your height. There are all types of models in the business that are inclusive of fashion, fitness, bikini, fine-art, and body-part models. So to typecast yourself, and not give yourself the opportunity, is to give up on the modeling dream.

So, giving up is not an option, just ask New Jersey (Hudson County) model Jen Hobbs, a beautiful, petite brunette. Hobbs has been a successful commercial model for the past few years. She has done all types of modeling from catalogue, brochures to body-part modeling. She is especially well-known as the Ped-Egg model, a product that helps feet reveal their smooth healthy skin.

Although the road to modeling was not one that Hobbs had pursued originally, with a BA in English Creative Writing from Farleigh Dickinson University and graduating Magnum Cum Laude, Hobbs was on the path to becoming a writer. While in college she was approached by a friend of hers who was studying photography and was building his portfolio, he asked if she would mind modeling for a few photos. After viewing the final product Hobbs knew that this was something she wanted to do.

She entered into the world of modeling only to face some challenges, because of the height requirement, Hobbs stands at 5’2. But determined she continued to research and to pursue her career in modeling, she located professional photographer to the modeling world, Joe Edelman and began to build her portfolio.

Portfolio in hand Hobbs soon entered into the world of commercial modeling. As a commercial model her modeling assignments are based on selling a product by using her looks and actions. Assignments vary depending on the product and you are sometimes asked to model your hands or feet, hence the “Ped Egg” assignment.
Hobbs explains, “As a parts model your able to use your hands and feet for modeling assignments. You’ll need to have a pedicure before a foot modeling job and wear comfortable shoes as to not damage your feet. The requirement for modeling your hands is to have your natural nails, you won’t be allowed to model with acrylic nails.”

Hobbs is definitely making a mark in the modeling world and at present she is also working towards an acting career. She’s enrolled in acting classes at the TVI Actors Studio based in New York, and has already appeared in several commercials.

Asked what advice she would give to individuals looking to break into modeling, she replied, “First you must be passionate about what you’re doing. You have to have good business sense and market yourself well. Be realistic and know what your strengths are.”

When selecting an agency be wary of fees charged up front because there should be no fees — that is a sign of a scam.

Photographers do charge fees for photos — which is why you should always verify their credentials

Young, beautiful and smart Hobbs is certainly on the path to success. She’s proven that with hard work and determination the goal that you have in reach is attainable by going after what you truly desire. Interested in viewing photos of Jen Hobbs or to book her for modeling assignments log onto also view her photos on professional model photographer Joe Edelman’s website on

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