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“The Roadhouse” Comes Alive in a “Lightning Films” Production
By Evelyn Bonilla

In the world of independent film, director’s as well as actors challenge themselves to bring to the screen “true to life” emotions. There are no sound stages, no cue cards and no sketched out sets; it’s all about “on your mark, get set, go!” Actors and actresses are free to delve into their craft and to express themselves without barriers and their directors are of the mind set to see how far they can go. Is this type of acting challenging? Yes! Is it exhilarating to most actors? Absolutely!

Independent films are taking over the film industry; many actors and actresses are clamoring at the chance to bring these “unpredictable, untraditional characters” within these films to life.

In “The Roadhouse” a film based on a short story by Roy La Manna entitled, “Final Days”, director Nick Pavano (Lightning Films) brings to the screen an intense “true to life” suspense thriller. As with the great director Alfred Hitchcock (who had an amazing ability to bring a whole story together by just using a few actors), Pavano seems to be effortless in bringing the same concept into his films. Although, if there were to be any comparison Pavano would be considered a cross between Alfred Hitchcock (in relation to the suspense) and Martin Scorcese (in the way that he brings heart and realism into his films).

“The Roadhouse” offers it’s viewers a glimpse at the lives of Joe (Joe Sernio) and
Michelle (Monica Knight) Nuzzo. Confine to a motel room because of car trouble as the couple head back from Joe fathers funeral. The story focuses on the series of events that take place while stranded at a decrepit motel in Upstate New York. Next, added on to that is the fact that it is also the couple’s one year anniversary. This film indeed has its fair share of excitement, but it’s the chemistry between Sernio and Knight that make this independent film a “force to be reckoned with”.

Sernio and Knight are magnetic in this suspense thriller; their amazing performances will have viewers experiencing a wide series of emotions. Sernio, a very talented actor (who can be seen on Court TV’s Haunting Evidence in the fall of 2008, where he will play George Allen Smith) has also appeared on several popular television shows like, CBS Love Monkey, ABC’s Hope and Faith and his latest project, commencing work on the CBS’ daytime soap, “As the World Turns.” He has also acted in several short dramatic independent films such as ‘Repetition of Change” (Lightning Films) and Bentley Diamond where he will play, “The Bentley Guy”, for the diamond importers of the Bentley Diamond. Sernio will be their cover man for all of their commercials and print work. These are just some of the projects that Sernio is involved in. This dynamic actor is known among many as an “actor who knows how to bring true emotion on to the screen” and that’s one thing he does effortlessly.

Knight is also a talented actress in her own right; she has appeared in several independent films and has captured the title of “Italy’s Salento International Fear Fest’s Best Actress of 2007 for her role as Mindy in the film “Windcroft.” 
Windcroft” is due for released on DVD later on this year. Knight is also well-known for her ability to bring drama and suspense to her films. This actress is amazing at breathing life into her characters. Her latest project will be playing “Holly” in a film entitled, “A Dangerous Place”, which is produced by David Schoner of the New Jersey Film Commission. 

The amazing assemblage of actors does not stop at Sernio and Knight, added on to that is the amazing talent of, Vinny Vella (Casino, The Sopranos) and Perry Facchiano (Oz, Find Me Guilty). Together this cast forms an unstoppable force in “The Roadhouse.”

Director Nick Pavano could not ask for a better compilation of actors to bring his vision to fruition. Armed with an amazing cast and the rights to recreate the story idea by Roy La Manna, Pavano proves that he is a gifted “filmmaker and writer”.

When asked what inspired him to bring this film to life, Pavano replied, “I had a vision for this film, and I knew exactly how I wanted it to be delivered.”

And delivered it he has, in the course of the following month, Lightning Films will release three 5-minute “webisodes” documenting the events of the “The Roadhouse.”  These 5 minute “webisodes” are vital to the film, because the turn of events that occurred within them will lead to the release of “The Roadhouse” in late summer of 2008.

Building suspense and opening the doors of questionability is what this young director has set out to do. An as we all wait for the release of “The Roadhouse”, these three 5-minute webisodes are sure to leave us wanting more.

Interested in viewing “The Roadhouse” webisodes sign on to www.theroadhousemovie.com. If you want to learn more about Joe Sernio and Monica Knight sign on to their websites at www.joesernio.com and www.monicaknight.com also lookout for director Nick Pavano’s new book by Wicker Park Press entitled, “Smoke Screen Truth”. It will be available on amazon.com this Christmas.

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