Joe Jackson Visits Ten East as he Promotes Tribute Film “Destination Fame

River View Observer Exclusive…Joe Jackson Patriach of the Jackson Family Visits Bayonne’s Ten East Restaurant


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By Evelyn Bonilla

On the tail end of a New York City press event for his film “Destination Fame”, Joe Jackson found some time to meet with good friend Paul DeAngelo. The two join together to enjoy
some great cuisine at one of Bayonne’s most stylish restaurants “Ten East”. The restaurant owned by Patrick and Anthony Franconeri is a Hibachi Restaurant and Sake Lounge; it is located in Bayonne, and specializes in sushi, fusion and hibachi cuisine.

Ten East in Bayonne is well-known for hosting a variety of celebrities such as Regis Philbin, Missing Elliot, CBS anchors and the latest Joe Jackson. Asked how it felt to have Mr. Jackson in their establishment Patrick Franconeri replied, “He was very gracious with our diners, he smiled with everyone and took the time to take photos with them. “It’s an honor and it was fabulous.”

Jackson, who enjoyed some hibachi at Ten East, took time out to pose with diners and speak about his latest endeavor a tribute film entitled “Destination Fame” in honor of his son Michael Jackson. He explained, “This movie, ‘Destination Fame” is a tribute to my son.” “It will be a good thing. A great way to carry out his legacy”, he concluded.

“Destination Fame” is about six high school graduates who learn the value of friendship, the inconsistencies of life and what it takes to make it in the music industry. Its cast is comprised of A.J. Gil, Mario, Jordan Knight, Deja Kreutzberg, Greg Raposo, Jerry Reid, Jamie Drastik, Felissa Rose, Cuba Gooding, Crystal Marven, Ray Munns, Rick  Aiello and Joe Jackson himself.

The film written and directed by Paul DeAngelo was released on DVD nationwide on June 9, 2009. DeAngelo is also no stranger to the big screen an actor in his own right, he is best known for his role in Sleepaway Camp.

Jackson is dedicating “Destination Fame” to his son and the proceeds for the film will be put towards a foundation that will allow Jackson to continue with his son’s charitable work.

Press events for this film have included Access Hollywood, various news channels and major newspapers.

Music seems to be the key to keeping MJ’s vision alive, with a tribute film, a new record label and a future foundation in place it seems that hopes for Joe Jackson “carrying the legacy” is sure to be brought to fruition.







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