JERSEY CITY Mayor Fulop and City Council Set to Restore Historic Reservoir for Complete Resident Access

Project 30 years in the making; Reservoir 3 will Include Complete Public Access for the 1st Time with $6 Million Dollar Renovation  

Mayor Steven M. Fulop announced today a $6 million dollar investment to complete the restoration of Reservoir 3 in the Jersey City Heights. The project will include landscaped open spaces, a complete walking trail with access to the waterfront, lighting, and safety measures. This plan represents the largest park investment since the City completed Berry Lane Park. 

“This project will create another special place for Jersey City residents. This will be one of the great parks anywhere in North Jersey. The reality is, when you are in the reservoir area you don’t even realize you’re in a city. This project has been in discussion for nearly 30 years with residents recognizing the potential but nobody acting on it, and I’m glad we are able to move this forward. It will be an amazing addition to Jersey City,” said Mayor Steven M. Fulop