Under the direction of Mayor Davis, OEM provides weekly updates on the status of Bayonne in relation to the COVID-19 Health Emergency.

Bayonne Residents CURRENTLY Positive – 21*

The number above reflects the Bayonne residents that are CURRENTLY COVID-19 Positive.

OEM UPDATE:  To date, 1,353 Bayonne residents have tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of where that test was given. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 76 Bayonne residents have passed away due to Coronavirus-related illnesses.  The Bayonne Department of Health continues to advise residents that have recently taken a COVID-19 test to be sure to answer their phones for our Contact Tracers and Dept of Health Staff.  These conversations are vital in helping to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. 

BMC UPDATE: Currently, there is one (1) COVID positive Bayonne resident inpatient at Bayonne Medical Center.  There are no COVID patients in CCU.