Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling-The Jokeman Cometh to the Bayonne Arts Factory

A look at Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling
By Evelyn Bonilla


Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling appeard at Bayonne’s Art Factory on Friday, August 28th and brought a barrage of laughter. Well-known for his work as head writer and cast member for the top-rated morning-drive radio program, The Howard Stern Show, Martling is moving fast and making his own headlines all over the country.

A radio personality, stand-up comedian, comedy writer, singer-songwriter, author and actor this “cunning comedic personality” is rocking his blend of comedy in comedy clubs everywhere. Equipped with quick lighting humor and jokes that leave no stone unturned “sexual or otherwise”, Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling is virtually unstoppable!

Jokes have always come easy to Martling, who began telling them as early as the third grade, and now years later there isn’t a joke he doesn’t know. In his many comedic performances Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling challenges the audience to stump him with jokes, the result a room full of uncontrollable laughter as Martling surprises the audience with the jokes ending.

This fast thinking comic’s talents go way beyond his swift jokes, he is also a very talented songwriter, singer and guitar player. Many of his songs are visible on his numerous CD’s, some are solely music while others are full of laugh till you drop jokes. At present Martling has a catalog of about 30 CD’s to his credit, various joke video’s and joke by-products. All of his CDs are distributed by Oglio Records of Hermosa Beach, California and are available on his website at www.Jokeland.com.

Gifted and talented, Martling has also taken New York by storm; appearing on Broadway in “Jokeland on Broadway” at the Iridium Jazz Club, with his good friend Frank Vignola and the Frank Vignola Trio. Together the two showcased shows on Wednesday nights which are inclusive of fun filled nights, full of jokes, songs, stories and of course the one and only “Stump The Joke Man”.

Recently Martling’s long-running joke line, “Use Your Finger! (516) 922-WINE!,” celebrated its 30th year, an accomplishment in itself. When asked what is the secret to his success he explained, “I love to make people laugh. I love doing it and I’m glad people enjoy a good laugh.”

At present you can listen to Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling on Tuesday nights from 7:00-8:00 pm, as he currently hosts Jackie’s Joke Hunt on Howard 101 on Sirius Satellite Radio. The radio show is a weekly hour of fun and is co-hosted by Jackie’s pal, Ian “McKean” Karr, together with producer Jim “Jirish” McClure and engineered by Mike “Snark” Farese, it makes for a very entertaining radio show. Just ask Martling, his response to his great crew was, “I have a great co-host and the best producer and engineer around, together we are a great team!”

As the summer of 2009 rolls out, Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling has created a brand new DVD entitled, “A Safe Distance From Genius” which features 140 minutes of great joke fun and is available on www.Jokeland.com and most currently he is hard at work on a new CD entitled, “Snart” that is due out in October. The “Jackie Button” which is also featured on the Jokeland website has recently been updated and has become available on iTunes. It features 13 new Jackie Noises under the category “Pot Luck” this feature has received rave reviews within the Apple App Store.

A radio show, a very popular website, a long-running joke line, DVD’s, CD’s, Jackie “The Joke Man” products, Broadway, iTunes and a published joke book, one would think there is nothing else for this talented comedian to do next, will guess what there’s more. Look for Martling’s  acting performance in the late fall on the TNT popular drama “Leverage”. The popular drama stars Academy Award winning actor Timothy Hutton and is directed by well-known “Godzilla: The Series” director Dean Devlin. Martling will play an evidence officer in the segment entitled the “Maltese Falcon Job”.

Talented and funny it seems that Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling just keeps them laughing. If there’s a joke or a song to be told “dirty or otherwise” you can always count on “The Joke Man” to know them all. If you really want to experience a night you’ll never forget, joined him at the Arts Factory on August 28th at 8:00 pm , for tickets log on to www.arts-factory.com or call (201) 436-6700.  Interested in getting a few good laughs, log on to www.jokeland.com, but enter with caution this site is sure to make you laugh till you drop.

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