Month of August -Judy Banta Lewis
  AIRES-The aspects to the 1st house of your solar chart are stunning. The good news is people will see you as a powerful spirit. The bad news is they may be overwhelmed by your energy and go into an avoidant mode. If your associates see you walking down the hallway and slip into the bathroom just so they don’t have to face you, it could be time to tone down that Aries personality. Just a thought, the astral advice suggests.

TAURUS- Mars in the 2nd house of finance and nicely aspected will find you pushing for the financial advantage that you so deserve. At this time you sense the universe is in harmony with your inner soul. Money and success are not bad words. Your pot of gold will begin filling in the month of August.

GEMINI– Short trips can lead to adventure as you seem destined for excitement. Time away from home leaves you lusting for more. This is a month that will be remembered as one of the best life has to offer. Normal concerns will return in the fall but now is the time for FUN.

CANCER- Activity to the 5th house of your solar chart with Mercuryin your sign has you speaking from the heart to young people or your romantic interest. Worry is putting energy into something without finding a solution. You have explained your position and now you must trust that those you love will listen and respect your wishes. Upon examination, they will realize your advice is the best for all.

LEO-Saturn and the Sun appear at odds in the 6th house that rules health and work. The aspects improve in the next few weeks but this time may be frustrating. Minor health issues are annoying but not serious. Confrontations at work will bring out the power of the Lion. Better times are coming and a relaxing and enjoyable September is promised.

VIRGO– Venus retrograde in the 6th house of your solar chart indicates you may have your eye on that dream career or promotion. It’s in the stars but the backward flow of Venus indicates a waiting period. Go for the life you desire and before this year is out you’ll be on your way to great achievement.

LIBRA- Such really good luck with partnerships is promised by the aspects to the 7th house of your solar chart. You may be invited to a party with well known dignitaries. The paparazzi are there for the celebrities but you are photographed and wind up on Page Six.
Your life and career take off. All you did was be in the right place with the right star pattern.

SCORPIO– You seem somewhat befuddled by the 8th house aspects of August. You don’t know what you want as your desire nature is bogged down. Your indecision leads to half way happiness. Look at the big picture, the glass really is half full not half empty. In September you realize the good luck that is yours and are thusly grateful.

SAGITTARIUS– Those powerful planets, Jupiter and Pluto are moving backward and are separated by many degrees. As they come together and move their dance forward exciting opportunities and great luck return. Until late October you may be in a holding pattern but hold on a whirlwind of prosperity is on the way.

CAPRICORN-Dreaming about your hopes for the future seems to be the energy of August. Openly admitting your desires is the first step in achieving. Think now, formulate a plan, and act in late September for ultimate success. It’s in the stars.

AQUARIUS- The 12th house Neptune will have you unaware of who is trustworthy. Some people will look like your best friends but you could be wrong. Others will seem like enemies but again you could be wrong. Wait until September before you cut anyone away or give them the keys to your heart. The clouds clear and your judgment will return.

PISCES-The Moon, Uranus, and the south node on the ascendant of your solar chart bode for a changeable month. The advice given to your Aquarius star neighbor could easily translate into great advice for you. Make a decision not to make any life altering decisions in August.

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