Hockey fans; Introducing, The Hoboken Rockets


Roger Muller Jr. is the owner of Muller Insurance in Hoboken, New Jersey a successful insurance agency with 115 years of service in the Hudson County area with  licenses to sell insurance in 7 other states.  That’s what Muller does for a living.

His passion however; is Hockey, and he has taken that  passion for the game and created  one of the most successful teams in the metropolitian area-The Hoboken Rockets

Hoboken Rockets history:

The Hoboken Rockets were originally called the New Jersey Rockets. The team was formed in 1991 by Roger J. Muller, Jr. who was a member of the New Jersey Rebels. The New Jersey Rebels played in Hockey North America which was based out of Virginia. In the Rebels’ first year of existence, they went 1-19-0.

The New Jersey Rockets joined Hockey North America in 1992 with Roger Muller as their captain and general manager. After working out a deal with the New Jersey Bears, Muller obtained Canadian Greg Hansen, Adam Podell, Bob Eramian and Larry Flanagan. Flanagan was later traded, but Hansen and Eramian went on to anchor the Rockets defense for many years. Hansen was traded to the Florida Panthers and now is retired in Georgia. Bob Eramian, who is also a dentist, is still playing on the Rockets level 7 team. Adam Podell is no longer playing with the Rockets, but holds the record for the most points in one season with 84 points in 24 games. Adam had 64 goals and 20 assists in 1994-1995 season.

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