Hoboken New Jersey- 59.9% of its residents are single makes CNN Financial Website – 2nd best City Nationwide for Rich and Single

Hoboken, the Mile Square City, the home of Old Blue Eyes , the place where they played the first baseball game, where Marlon Brando filmed On the Waterfront, and today, the place where all the single folk prefer to live.

A whopping 59.9% are single with a median income of $140,780 dollars.  Those statistic are  the reason CNN Financial Website has given Hoboken the distinct title as “The Second Best City Nationwide for the Rich and Single,” beating out places like Redondo California, Brookline Mass and Arlington VA.

Who came out number one-the  Boston Suburb of Newton Mass,  however,  if this singles  trend keeps up in Hoboken,  Hoboken may get the number one  title next year.

We are certain having Stevens Tech in  Hoboken has a lot to do with the large influx of singles , and Hoboken’s proximity to New York, often times thought as the sixth  of New York’s boroughs. Add to the mix  less expensive rents than New York City  and that  there is always  something to do in Hoboken.

Hoboken offers singles: night life, great restaurants, art galleries, fantastic music venues and events sponsored by the town  for its residents, such as the Sinatra Idol Contest, and Movies Under the Stars, two events mentioned on the CNN Website.