Hoboken’s Steven Technology Students Give Back to our Young Veterans through Music

By Evelyn Bonilla

     Each year thousands of young people across the United States signup to join the Armed Forces, many are of college age and instead of heading off to college they head out to war. Some of these young soldiers are receiving their college degree while fighting for their country. In an effort to bring to light, give back and showed their gratitude a group of Stevens Technology students set out to make a difference by creating a venue entitled “Project Eleven”.

     Project Eleven is a non-profit venture created by Steven’s music and technology students in conjunction with Stevens Multimedia (SMM) a student run company. Its purpose is to create awareness and to show gratitude to all of the young veterans who are out at war fighting for this nation’s freedom.  The idea for the project was first introduced to Stevens Music and Technology Professor David Musial by a music industry contact, Professor Musial then shared the idea with students involved with Stevens Multimedia. The result, a compilation of students creating a way to show their gratitude to soldiers their age who are out protecting our country, so that the students back home can continue to get an education. In retrospect it is “students helping the students”.

     Professor David Musial explains, “We appreciate the fact that college age students are helping college age students who are at war. Their struggle is not unnoticed and they are making it possible for students here to continue to receive  a college education.”

     Project Eleven’s initiative is to create an album of songs, songs that show gratitude, share struggles, hopes and dreams for young soldiers at war. The Project Eleven group is inviting all college-age bands and musicians to submit songs for the album which will support veteran’s charities. The album will ultimately be produced by Castle Point Records, a private label run by Stevens Multimedia.

     Noriel Valdes, a senior and president of Castle Point Records explains, “We are inviting artists and bands from all over the country to submit songs for the Project Eleven album. We are producing this album to give thanks to all of the young veterans who are fighting for our freedom.”

     Project Eleven is set to officially be announced on Veteran’s Day – 11/11/11 at 11:11 am and on Memorial Day, 2012, the Project Eleven group is planning on offering 11 concerts with 11 bands and 11 songs during the Memorial Day weekend.

     Tracy Caudle, a parent whose was in attendance with her son-who will soon be enrolling in Stevens , just happen to be present and heard conversations about Project Eleven. She was enthralled with the concept, because in a parallel she also has a son who is presently undergoing Army training to become an Army MP at Fort  Leonard, Missouri. She explained, “I think this is a great thing! It means a lot to me and my son. I’ve printed a copy of the website and am going to send it to him, so he can see that young people also care.”

     Project Eleven is doing great things, several of  the Project Eleven group members have close ties to the military, either through their friends or family who are serving or have served.  It seems that music is indeed universal, it can heal, it can educate and in the example of this Professor and his Stevens Technology students it also can help.

If you are interested in learning more about ProjectEleven sign on to their website at www.ProjectEleven.org  Also check in with them on 11-11-11.