2nd Straight Year of Crime Decline


  JERSEY CITYMayor Jerramiah T. Healy and Police Department officials released official crime statistics for the year of 2010 that show for the second consecutive year both violent and non-violent crime decreased in city limits.

crime-1There were two (2) percent fewer violent crimes in 2010 compared to 2009, which includes categories such as homicide, rape, robbery and assault. The decrease continues the trend that started in 2009, where the city witnessed 30-year lows in violent and non-violent categories, including a 30-percent drop in robberies. Overall crime, both violent and non-violent dropped by 49 incidents, or .5 percent.

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The released crime statistics, certified by the New Jersey State Police, will be published in the annual FBI Uniform Crime Report later this year.

 “Whenever a major city realizes a drop in crime it is significant, and we are pleased to see a continued decline in most crime categories,” said Mayor Healy.  “These results are due to the hard work of the men and women of the Jersey City Police Department and their leadership, who will continue to work even harder to reduce crime further.  We also must give credit to the community and the block associations, because by having residents working together with the police you see an even greater impact.”   

In the most serious crime category of homicide, there was a 11 percent decline, or a total of three fewer incidents in 2010, (24), than in the prior year. Additionally, people-on-people crimes declined in the category of assault. There were 143 fewer assaults in 2010 for a five (5) percent drop compared to the prior year.  

“If you want to target any crime from a law enforcement perspective, the top priority has to be the public’s safety and their health and welfare, said Police Chief Tom Comey. “While we can’t be there to resolve every conflict, we hope that during our many interventions in disputes that people understand that there are alternatives than to react violently. We enjoy the progress we’ve seen but we’re not satisfied with that, we still want to improve.” 

In the non-violent crime category that includes burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft and arson, the city realized a marginal and slight increase of half-of-one (1) percent compared to the previous year. However, the non-violent crimes of motor vehicle theft and theft (larceny) dropped significantly during 2010.  

 In the category of car theft there was a 4.9 percent drop go for a total of 761 incidents in 2010, even fewer than 2009’s 30-year low of 800 cars stolen for a single year.  

“It’s always important for us to protect our residents but we must protect their property and homes as well,” said Police Director Sam Jefferson. “The strides we have made against auto theft, which for many people is their greatest financial investment, are unsurpassed.”  

In 1990, there was an unprecedented 5,030 cars stolen in city limits. Comparatively, 2010’s total of 761 cars stolen makes for an 85-percent decline since the city’s all-time high.  

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