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Aries ^-Recent changes have neutralized some of your former power. So accustomed to royal treatment, a reality check is badly needed. The innate majesty of the Ram is still intact but your position has changed.  In the past those who have listened to your every word now turn a deaf ear. A new set of recruits for you to inspire will be shortly on the way. Exciting challenges to conquer put you again on the path to growth and prosperity.


Taurus Issues of devotion and honor in partnerships are highlighted by intense 7th house energies. Events are a part of a larger pattern so be aware of potential problems. Like gazing at the vastness of the ocean and noticing the humble beginnings of a tsunami, something is brewing. Use the patient side of your persona to transverse these emotional waves. Stay safe on dry land and under protective cover until beneficial aspects arrive in August. 

Gemini ` The 8th house Moon and Mercury show much correspondence between you and authorities of tax and insurance. A threatening notice may have arrived. You are frazzled but luckily this notice is not based on reality. Your returns have been filed diligently. If given attention, this matter will dissolve into an unpleasant memory that will soon be forgotten. Focus on a positive outcome and it will be yours.

Cancer a  Your solar return and birthday are of great importance. They are an indication of trends developing in the next year. Where should you direct your energy? The astral advice suggests towards education. There is always more to learn and experience. Mystical, spiritual, or subjects more mundane, you desire a challenge. Registration is now open in the College of the Universe. A degree ensures happiness and tranquility. Go for it. 

Leo bJust recently, many Leo natives feel that they have been victims of some sort of universal sting. Situations are set up just to tempt. It might be as simple as going thru a yellow light that quickly turns red. It could be looking around the room while taking an exam. The results even if unintentional are embarrassing. Don’t take the bait. Be upstanding and above any doubt especially in July when traps are being set to snare your reputation. 

Virgo cMars conjunct Saturn in the 10th house of career shows that you have the energy to fly above the work front politics and score a promotion. Speaking with someone more experienced and wiser and displaying your talents very well might secure a pay raise. If not now some time in the near future. So demonstrate your job skills and utilize this dynamic period to secure big rewards soon.


Libra d Of all the mysteries in the universe, human nature is the most baffling. A loved one seems to be treating you with a nastiness that threatens to destroy your balance by tipping your scales. What is most upsetting is why, since you have always treated them fairly?  The answer is that it’s not about you. They are now in their own personal turmoil and your heart is just collateral damage. Stand by for their awakening. 

Scorpio e– Scorpio on the ascendant gives you a great new motivation. You finish tasks with flair and perfection and seem to be on top of the world. Relationships are good and finances also seem to be improving. That Scorpio distrust is always there to dampen your happiness. Don’t allow it!!!Look for the lining in this astral system to be increasingly silver and perhaps turning to pure gold.  Sagittarius fAstral activity this month seems to be intent on taking your money. Pluto in Sag and Jupiter in Capricorn in the 2nd house ruling finances are working together. The feeling that you have more money than you actually do, may find you living above your means.  The key idea for this star pattern is not to overdue. By the end of August reality sets in. Have you been naughty or nice, if the latter, abundance should be flowing. 

Capricorn g  Jupiter in the 2nd house of finances has a strange effect on the Capricorn native. You are accustomed to working hard and not seeing results so quickly. Now projects are finished and money is flowing. Continue on with this very positive star pattern. that can be the beginning of consistent good times. The Jupiter effect lasts just 12 months but the results can last a lifetime. 


Aquarius h-Family matters have left your head spinning. It seems that many of the important family decisions have been left to you. Be advised that you will encounter some opposition no matter what path you take. It goes with the territory. Stand firm with your ideals and at the next family reunion you will be a hero. This responsibility has you developing a taste for power. 


Pisces i-Uranus is a slow moving energy that when transiting over sensitive areas of one’s chart brings tremendous change. Associated with the Wheel of Fortune major Arcanum of the tarot, the advice is to hold on tight during a flare up. Sometimes we refuse to make proper decisions for our progression and the Universe makes them for us. With character and a little laughter you will be fine   

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