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Jersey City Actor George Pogatsia-River View Observer Profile

georgepogatsia_028.jpgLocal Actor Sees Big Things on the Homefront

by Oded Shoshan + Jon Garcia


As a working actor, George Pogatsia considered a move to Los Angeles

A Brooklyn native who’s called Jersey City his home for the past six years, Pogatsia was doing well. Over the past few years, he’d starred in more than 20 art-house films like Bookies,Your Honor and Showdown Of The Godz. He won key roles in some of the most popular television series in recent history. His career was on the right track here at home. But, he found himself planning a move to the West Coast to take things to the next level.



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July -HOLLYWORLD -Inside the biz of Showbiz


By Holly Medallion

Who’s in talks  to star in DreamWorks/Universal’s adaptation of  the graphic novel written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley, “Cowboys & Aliens -Ironman’s Robert Downey, Jr. the story centers on an Old West shoot’em up between the Apache and Western settlers. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard of Imagine will produce alongside Platinum Studios’ Scott Mitchell Rosenberg… 

 Roman Polanski’s (Now lives in Paris, will never come back here) political thriller “The Ghost. ” an adaptation of Robert Harris’ novel of the same name, about a ghostwriter who is hired to complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister Just added to the cast: Tilda Swinton who will join Nicolas Cage and Pierce Brosnan.

 Tammy Blanchard (one talented and beautiful actress )just finished filming in Louisiana with Brittany Murphy; “Deadline”a thriller about a screenwriter who travels to an abandoned house to finish a script on time, but a series of strange events lead her to a psychological breakdown.   Continue reading July -HOLLYWORLD -Inside the biz of Showbiz

July-“The Roadhouse” Indy Film


“The Roadhouse” Comes Alive in a “Lightning Films” Production
By Evelyn Bonilla

In the world of independent film, director’s as well as actors challenge themselves to bring to the screen “true to life” emotions. There are no sound stages, no cue cards and no sketched out sets; it’s all about “on your mark, get set, go!” Actors and actresses are free to delve into their craft and to express themselves without barriers and their directors are of the mind set to see how far they can go. Is this type of acting challenging? Yes! Is it exhilarating to most actors? Absolutely!

Independent films are taking over the film industry; many actors and actresses are clamoring at the chance to bring these “unpredictable, untraditional characters” within these films to life. Continue reading July-“The Roadhouse” Indy Film