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Baja Restaurant “A Piece of Mexico in Jersey City”

River View Observer’s says “if you live in Hudson County; you’re Lucky, there are two great Baja Restaurants to Enjoy”

If You Don’t Live In Hudson County-Baja is worth the trip the food is that good…

 By Evelyn Bonilla


Entering into “Baja” Mexican Restaurant 117 Montgomery Street, in Jersey City, NJ (201) 915-0062 is like stepping into a “hacienda” located in the heart of Mexico. Its décor is genuine as it is magnificent and its cuisine is “authentic and mouth-watering”.
The restaurant which is the second addition of its sister restaurant “Baja” located at 104 14th Street Hoboken (201) 653-0610 is double in size, designed with two levels and has extraordinary appeal.
Its menu is filled with offerings of the finest in Mexican food.

Baja’s history of providing quality food and atmosphere in the New Jersey area is evident over the past 15 years. Owners Mario Herrera, Felix Disla and Major Disla all strive to bring their talent and ingenuity into the creation of the newly designed Baja.
Owner Mario Herrera explains, “In researching our restaurant business we noticed that there weren’t any authentic Mexican restaurants in this area.” “We created these restaurants in order to provide the finest in Mexican food. Our food is prepared the minute it is ordered, I think for us that is the key to our success. We provide food that is freshly made.”

Let us know if you ever ate at the Baja tell us what you think- add  a comment to this post.

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Guy Fieri of the Food Network picks Brownstone Diner and Pancake Factory of Jersey City to be in his new Book

brownstone-outside.jpgguys-book.jpgguy-and-co-th.jpg zoe-and-guy-th.jpgbobby-and-guy-1-th1.jpg

 Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive -Ins and Dives New Book

Guy Fieri the popular and energetic host of FoodNetworks Diners, Drive- INS and Dives spent an afternoon last year finding out what Jersey City residents have known for years; that the food, especially the pancakes, at the Brownstone Diner and Pancake house (31 kinds of pancakes) are delicious, affordable and plentiful.
Fieri became so excited about how delicious the famous Brownstone Pancakes taste; that he decided to add the Brownstone to his new book, just for the pancakes.
Right there on page 30 of his book; Diners, Drive- INS and Dives, Fieri, describes the Brownstone this way:
“You can find an average pancake just about anywhere, but finding a real killer pancake is a whole other deal. This family –owned joint in Jersey City is doing it right -thirty – one ways.”

Watch the Episode Here About The  Brownstone Diner
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Herb Fluke’s MAN WITHOUT A KITCHEN -Dining Column


Herb Fluke’s Quick Picks For Great Food

 and Good Fun


908 Washington Street, Hoboken



187 Warren Street, Historic Downtown Jersey City



Arthur’s Tavern

237 Washington Street, Hoboken



101 Washington Street, Hoboken


117 Montgomery Street (Historic Downtown), Jersey City


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Bayonne Waterfront: Heats Up With Sophisitcated, Modern Italian Pizzeria/ Restaurantsmall-piazziola-photo-for-story.jpg

By Monica Prestia

The new 60 seat restaurant, designed by world-renowned architect/designer R. Alexander German will celebrate its theme with a Roman Stone Hearth Oven.  The name, Piazzolla gives homage to the stylish and classic Argentine Tango musician.  The Bayonne Waterfront restaurant, in Southcove Commons Shopping Center, serves up Modern Classic, Italian Cuisine with timeless Roman style and Argentine flair.

Buon Appetito- Their Name Says it All


By Evelyn Bonilla

Buon AppetitoThe phrase “buon appetito” in Italian means, “enjoy your meal” and at Buon Appetito Restaurant & Salumeria you’ll do just that. This appealing restaurant located in Bayonne, NJ is the perfect choice when dining with family and friends. Its atmosphere is “warm and inviting”. Glass covered tables lined with burgundy linen cloths accentuates Buon Appetito classic signature look. As you enter into the restaurant you are confronted by a beautifully placed glass enclosed window drape with burgundy tasseled curtains. The window allows you to view the restaurant when entering. The smell of “fine Italian cuisine” pulls you in and draws you to a wall to wall buffet table. Buon Appetito specializes in a variety of buffet styled meals. With dishes like Lobster Ravioli, Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce, Chicken Monte Blanca and Veal Marsala just to name a few, there is something for everyone. Buon Appetito strives to put its diners first; they are focus on providing the best in “Italian cuisine”.

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Porto Leggero Restaurant in Jersey City

A Wonderful Addition to the Jersey City Waterfront

Beyond the glass facade of Porto Leggero, the bright newcomer to the waterfront-dining scene in Jersey City, there are two restaurants.

One has the undercurrent of an electric charge that moves through the restaurant when the power lunch crowd fills the place with finance types on weekdays. The other is the relaxed hum of families and friends enjoying an evening out in the neighborhood.

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