Buon Appetito- Their Name Says it All


By Evelyn Bonilla

Buon AppetitoThe phrase “buon appetito” in Italian means, “enjoy your meal” and at Buon Appetito Restaurant & Salumeria you’ll do just that. This appealing restaurant located in Bayonne, NJ is the perfect choice when dining with family and friends. Its atmosphere is “warm and inviting”. Glass covered tables lined with burgundy linen cloths accentuates Buon Appetito classic signature look. As you enter into the restaurant you are confronted by a beautifully placed glass enclosed window drape with burgundy tasseled curtains. The window allows you to view the restaurant when entering. The smell of “fine Italian cuisine” pulls you in and draws you to a wall to wall buffet table. Buon Appetito specializes in a variety of buffet styled meals. With dishes like Lobster Ravioli, Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce, Chicken Monte Blanca and Veal Marsala just to name a few, there is something for everyone. Buon Appetito strives to put its diners first; they are focus on providing the best in “Italian cuisine”.

They offer a variety of specialized accommodations to suit every diner. On Wednesday nights they offer an “all you can eat buffet”. Choices vary and diners are free to enjoy a wide range of delicacies, added to that is rich tasting Italian bread and fresh salad and you have a meal that is sure to put a big smile on your face. Thursday’s night is a pasta lover’s dream, in that it offers the pasta lover a wide selection of pasta. Delicious tasting pasta sure to satisfy the pasta lover in your family. Accompany with a nice glass of Merlot or Pinot Grigio from Buon Appetito’s wine list, a great accompaniment to a satisfying meal. Friday’s menu is designed towards the “seafood lover”. Every Friday night is “Lobster Night” and “Seafood Extravaganza”. Lobsters are serve broiled or steamed, 1 ¼ lb lobsters waiting to be sampled, serve with a soup or salad, rice and vegetable. This is something you do not want to miss.

The seafood extravaganza also on Friday nights is a compilation of seafood dishes just waiting to be devoured.

Looking for somewhere to eat on Saturday night, look no further than Buon Appetito. This has got to be one of the “best nights” at the restaurant because it offers a specialized “Family Style” Menu. Buon Appetito is one of the only restaurants to offer this type of menu. All dishes serve 2-3 people, a perfect opportunity to take out family, friends and especially the kids. This menu gives the entire family a chance to sample a variety of dishes. From appetizers to deserts, this night and menu are sure to create a family dining experience you won’t forget. Also located within the restaurant is a fully stocked bar which offers the best in martini’s a variety of wines or a variety of frozen drinks for those hot summer nights when you’re hanging out with friends.
Do you love fresh Italian products, cold cuts, ravioli how about desserts? If you do, you most certainly have to stop by Buon Appetito’s Salumeria.This restaurant is so unique in that it offers its diners a wonderful Italian restaurant and an attached fully stocked Salumeria. For those not familiar with a “Salumeria” it is an old-fashioned Italian grocery and deli. Buon Appetito’s offers the best in Italian products and imported Italian cold cuts. Like imported cheeses, try some Aurrichio Provolone, Reggiano Parmiggiano or Homemade Fresh Mozzarella. Love cold cuts try their Mortadella, Sopressata (Hot/Sweet) or the Prosciutto Capicola (Hot or Sweet). The make the finest in Italian Subs serve hot or cold and ready at an instance for a great Italian styled lunch. Or try my personal favorite; take home a quart of Buon Appetito’s Homemade Italian Sauce. A great addition when you’re cooking up a homemade Italian-styled meal.
Buon Appetito also offers the best in catering “on or off” the premises. Call today and set-up your next party. They are located at 906-908 Broadway in Bayonne, NJ. Their hours of operation are Monday-Tuesdays 11:00 am-3:00 pm and Wednesday-Sunday 11:00 am-10:00 p.m. interested in booking a party or learning more about the buffet nights offer at Buon Appetitio contact Manager Susan Patterson at (201) 436-0043. You can also visit their website at www.BuonAppetitoItalian.com.  Stop in any night at Buon Appetito either with family or friends and enjoy a unique dining experience you will never forget.

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