4th Street Arts Hosts the 6th Annual 4th Street Art & Music Festival in Jersey City, NJ


Twelve hours of creativity and fun—October 3, 2009, 10 am-10 pm
On Saturday, October 3, 2009, 4th Street Arts, in cooperation with The Village Neighborhood Association and in tandem with the Jersey City Artists’ Studio Tour, will yet again throw the ultimate celebration for creativity—the 4th Street Art & Music Festival.

4thstreet_fest_pr_9_09-paintLocated at the crossroads of 4th Street, Newark Avenue and Brunswick Street, the Festival will feature an array of local visual artists’ works (from sculpture to paintings to photography); live, interactive pieces; exciting children’s activities; the finest up-and-coming bands New Jersey has to offer; as well as delicious food and refreshing drinks. This year, the Festival is likely to draw more than 1,000 residents, truly bringing the community together while providing unprecedented exposure for businesses and artists alike.
The 4th Street Art & Music Festival will showcase art in all its various formats and in a wide breadth of media.
Highlights include:
• Theme—Festival designer Thomas John Carlson will bring the concept of “growth” to life via painted wall decoration and vibrant displays using vegetation throughout. In an effort to illustrate the organic control of
space, Carlson will weed the Festival area and replace the unruly plants with real and painted flowers emphasizing the “gathering” of community, growth of retailers, food we eat (and those who provide it), and expansion of culture through music and art.
• Art for sale—artisans and visual artists will have pieces for sale, ranging from jewelry to photographs to soft goods to paintings. See next page for list of participants.
• Interactive & performance art—Called 2 X Four, this portion of the Festival will consist of two interactive art pieces and two performance art pieces. The interactive portions will feature separate showcases by Kevin
Darmanie and Nyugen E. Smith who will satire to reflect on how historical lineage, personal, and social issues impacts identity. Simultaneously Angela KaRIOTis will deliver a work offering insight about our collective
histories, greatest ideas, and thinking in new contexts. Another piece will feature an ensemble of musicians from multiple disciplines interpreting the energy generated by the environment through transfer of sound.
• Live art—Opening the artist’s studio for the public eye, artists ranging from various areas of expertise—from fine to street—will each paint a wood panel in their own unique style. In December, the works will be exhibited
and sold in the rotunda of City Hall. See next page for list of participating artists.
4thstreet_fest_pr_9_09-kids• Children’s corner—Run by Cara Campoli, this special area dedicated to kids will allow them to let their art
skills go wild with chalk, paint, and more. In addition, there will be face painting from 1-5. In addition, Michael Napolitano will perform music. Napolitano teaches at The Blue School in NYC, Music for Aardvarks and runs his own program Preschool of Rock. An advocate of early relationships with music he believes music, song and
rhyme aid in literacy development years before formal schooling.
Starting at noon, attendees will get down to groovy tunes, from folk to rock, played from two Festival stages. Line-up includes (subject to change):
• Any Day Parade
• Frozen Gentlemen
• In Musth
• Bongo Surf
In between acts (and throughout the Festival), comedy troupe trip-and-fall will entertain the crowd with finely tuned comedic performances, including; live sketch comedy, street art, and just hanging out being funny. Based out of Jersey City, trip-and-fall is made up of best friends, compatriots, and all-around silly duo Sarah Roxanne Shields and Alissa Ahlberg. To learn more about this riot act, visit tripandfallproductions.wordpress.com.
4th Street Arts is pleased to partner with Mission:Remission, a not for profit organization dedicated to cancer research and awareness. Presently they have three pillars supporting cancer related groups: “Support” benefits Gilda Club, helping those living with cancer, as well as their friends and families; “Awareness” benefits Maureen Fund, committed to ovarian cancer awareness and education; and “Research” benefitting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund dedicated to finding better ways to detect and treat ovarian cancer. Mission:Remission will be hosting a silent auction, featuring artwork and services including a photo series by Steph Caldwell titled “Portrait Of A Lady” (proceeds from this item will benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month), during the duration of the Festival. For more information, contact Jesse Caldwell at [email protected].

Contacts: Mike McNamara | 516.782.6584
Marc Caterina | 732.742.2153
Email: [email protected] URL: 4thstreetart.com
• Fairmont
• Miss Ohio
• Beacon
• Una Pong
• Andrew Sullivan
• 2 X Four Orchestra
• Angela KaRIOTis
• Natty Adams
• Manouche Bag
• Knotworking
• One Foot In
• Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
• Land of the Look Behind
• Dancing Tony’s DJ Consortium
• Special guests

4th Street Arts would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support: Sabrett, Stephen Roth/Prudential, Lucky 7 Tavern, 327 5th Street Corp., Metropolis Music, Another Man’s Treasure, Christopher Larsen, JC Tattoo Company, Grove Street Bicycles, LITM, The Little Gym, Eyesore Apparel,The Jersey City Independent, Skinners Loft, Edwards Steakhouse, Made With Love, Hudson County Art Supply, York Street Tavern, Carmen Rosa Bakery, FJB  Comics and Games, Brennan’s Florist, Madame Claude’s Café, 2nd Street Bakery, Abbey’s, Pecarraros, and Carmines.

Information about The Little Gym: A recreational gymnastics and dance center for children from 4 months to 12 years old. Classes include parent/child motor development, preschool gymnastics, dance, sports skills development, and grade school gymnastics for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. For more information, visit thelittlegym.com.
ARTISTS & ARTISANS (list may not be complete)
Lau Gallico Klohe, Sue Gerner, Tunde Cseke, Luca Cusolito (Lollibomb Beauty), Veronica Rosas, Christina Cruz, Sharon Harvey, Teri Sanders, Edmund Derrick, Shanon Dejong, Allison Garguilo (Minor Treat Bakery), Christina Entcheva, Corey Fleming, Kayt Hester, Matt Caputo, Norman Kirby, Mark Megara, Andrea Morin, Debbie Manville, David Reynolds, Paul Kiesche, Kevin Mccarthy, Joe Russo, Ron Erickson, Lynn Presley, Christine Kimmel, Christina Allesi, Debbie Mendel, Grayson Bagwell, Frank Palaia, Joe Chirchirillo, Mike McNamara, Thomas John Carlson, Christopher Silk, Doug Mitchell, Jesse A. Caldwell, The Agitators, Nyugen E. Smith, Mike Mandracchia, Rebecca Feranec, Yvonne Raley Designs , Johanna Wood, Emily August (Go Go Distro), Megan Gulick, Katherine Ramos (Sweet Ruination), Stefanie Flodmand (Howdy Sailor)

Some artisans featured are members of The Jersey City Craft Mafia, the newest addition to the Craft Mafia family—an international organization aimed at promoting artists and alterna-crafters on a local level. Members currently include fine artists and photographers, jewelry and accessory designers, a glass artist, and a beauty goods producer.
LIVE ART PARTICIPANTS (list may not be complete)
Joe Russo, Joe Iurato, Mark Finne, Nathan Lee Pickett, Ellis Gallagher, Cern, Matt Caputo & Norm Kirby, Damon Ginandes, Robots Will Kill, Steve Lew,
Gocha Tzisade, Nicholas Forker, Elmer Quiroz, Ken Bastard, Nico Kwan Phillips, Sean Lugo, Darren Defield, David Cooper, Matthew Okpych
• Frozen Gentlemen: Frozen Gentlemen likens themselves to the “good” Bee Gees on amphetamines. They mix dance with rock in a way that gets the
crowd involved physically and emotionally.
• In Musth: This is how In Musth describes themselves—“Riffs that old people can’t hear. Not keen on repeating ourselves. Ever striving to resolve thin lizzy to ghetto boys, complex machinery to meat ‘n potatoes. We button the top button, tighten our tie and play by the rules in technicolor. Also, for the patient listener, there’s the fifth amendment. Aftertaste of extra-dimensional consciousness and the fanning tail display of male peacocks.”
• Knotworking: An ever-changing cast of musicians who support the voice and songwriting of Edward Gorch, who’s literate songs come from homes in the margins of society. The fall 2009 band line-up features a back-to-basics two guitar, electric bass and drums approach.
• Thomas Francis Takes His Chances: TFTHC is a son, a brother. a friend. a lover, a husband, a grandfather. a cousin, a peeper, a doubter, a little engine that could, a scientist, an inventor, a cat, a gun, a half of a drum, an English muffin, a president, a principle, a saint, a martyr, a human, an animal, an orator, a listener, an aquarium drinker, an inspiration, a hero, but above all the rest “Our Father,” AMEN.
The 4th Street Arts & Music Festival will host a collection of delectable food vendors. Among them Glenn Gilliar will provide his gourmet tasties. About
participating in this year’s Festival, he says “I grew up with many food allergies and had to learn to cook more for necessity than pleasure. I’m a daring eater and will try almost anything presented to me I haven’t eaten before (as long as I’m not allergic). I love to experiment when cooking but I’ll be featuring my tried and true selections for the festival. All of the selections will be meat or seafood based. My booth will be more focused on quality rather than quantity.”
To support this year’s Festival, 4th Street Arts hosted a Mac & Cheese Bake Off on September 13. Twelve chefs participated, including restaurants and home cooks, and more than 250 locals came out as testers. This year’s winners included: Judge’s Restaurant Choice Lamp Post Bar and Grill, Judge’s Individual Choice Judy Nunez, People’s Choice Restaurant Iron Monkey, People’s Individual Choice Rob Castillo, all of whom will enjoy free food and drink at the Festival, compliments of 4th Street Arts. Special thanks to Star Ledger contributor Pete Genovese, Councilman Steve Fulop, and Tony Susco who judged; and Sam Adams for providing beer and White Star Bar for their support.

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