River View Observer Re- Read of Hoboken Resident -Joe Pantoliano’s Book-Who’s Sorry Now?: The True Story of a Stand-up Guy

River View Observer Takes a Second Look at Hoboken Resident Joe Pantoliano’s Book “Who’s Sorry Now? The True Story of a Stand-up Guy by Joe Pantoliano, David Evanier

 joey-pants.jpg Everyone knows him from the HBO hit show The Soprano’s as Ralph Cifaretto, and he has starred in well over sixty movies, including The 2009 movie The Job now in post production and “To Live and Die”also in post production; and some of  his other movies :The Matrix, Memento, Bound, The Fugitive, The Goonies, Midnight Run, Empire of the Sun, Eddie and the Cruisers, but before this Hoboken resident met the likes of  Tony S and his family

 Carmela, Silvio, and Dr. Melfi who took Sunday-night television by storm, Joe Pantoliano was one of America’s busiest actors, giving unforgettable performances in such films as Memento, The Matrix, The Fugitive, and Risky Business. Now, the street-smart kid who grew up in Sinatra’s hometown shares the stage with the eccentric and colorful wise guys from his family and neighborhood.
Fade in on the projects of Hoboken, New Jersey, during the fifties and sixties. That’s little Joey, running numbers with his chain-smoking mother, Mary, so they can keep a roof over their heads. When he wasn’t busy staying one step ahead of the bill collectors, he was learning the ropes from “Cousin” Florie: his “stepfather” and a wise guy whose connections to the Genovese family couldn’t keep him out of jail for drug trafficking. Then there was Joey’s real father, “Monk,” a factory worker with a weakness for gambling at the track who was later reborn as a hearse chauffeur for the local funeral parlor.
With a winning blend of humor, charm, and pure showmanship, Pantoliano tells it like it was. From a connected Jersey street kid to a successful Hollywood actor who would, ironically, re-create his wise-guy boyhood in role after role, Who’s Sorry Now is an irresistibly entertaining treat for anyone interested in this true-life “Soprano” and a real stand-up guy.

 Personal Note From the Publisher of the River View Observer

I met Joe Pantoliano at a mutual friends wife’s wake, Joey Pants had flown in just to be by our mutual friends side, I was very moved by his kindness to our friend, and his approachability.I had once lived for 10 years next to his first cousin in the Greenville section of Jersey City, and at the wake, he and I spoke about his cousin and just growing up in Hudson County. The old Hudson County with its rough neighborhoods, mob guys, crooked politicians and colorful characters.

“Joey Pants is the real deal; he lived it, and talks the talk, and just like Hoboken’s first favorite son; Frank Sinatra, Joe Pantoliano is never far from his Hudson County upbringing no matter where he travels in the world. If you have read Who’s Sorry Now; Give Joe Pantoliano’s book a second read, and if you have never read his book -get your hands on a copy, and enjoy the colorful, sometimes scary world that both Joey Pants and this publisher grew up in. You will find it fascinating.”

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