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cute-kid-with-toy-dog.JPG(Family Features) Every year as the holidays approach, parents are faced with the dilemma of which toys to buy for their kids. With over 10,000 new toys to choose from, selecting the right toy for a child can be a daunting task.  

That’s where Jim Silver and Chris Byrne come in. Silver, editor-in-chief at, and Byrne, renowned toy and children’s lifestyle expert (aka The Toy Guy), each have over 25 years of experience in the toy and family entertainment industry and are known for accurately predicting each season’s hottest toys and trends.



Parents, caregivers, and gift givers in need of guidance can visit Byrne and Silver’s new Web site This site provides information on what’s fun for children and their families. Its comprehensive content features hundreds of toy reviews and recommendations, hot toy lists and editors’ picks, a product/gift finder, informative and amusing blog entries from leading toy, family entertainment and parenting experts, safety tips and recall information, daily giveaways of in-demand toys, and more. 

“ is the first of its kind,” said Silver. “We live in a Web-based world, yet there wasn’t a comprehensive, third party resource online about the world of play. Our site has all the information about toys and children’s products that parents and gift givers are looking for.” 

“One of the factors that’s undeniably shaping this season and generating questions is economic uncertainty,” says Byrne. “In times like these, however, consumers still buy toys. They are seen as a way to add magic to children’s holidays and they contribute to the spirit of the season, which can provide a brief—and needed—respite from everyday concerns. Our goal is to help parents, gift givers and kids find the toys that will enhance their lives and give kids a memorable, rewarding and play-full holiday.” 

At the site, there are rankings and reviews of over 20 categories of toys and video games. Visitors can search by age and interest, as well, making it easy to pick the right gift. 

So what’s hot this holiday? Time to Play’s picks (and their reasons) include:

  • Elmo Live: Technology, design and creativity come together in this industry-changing toy. Yes, he’s got amazing movements that have impressed even the most skeptical adults, but the content is perfect for the target group of Elmo fans. He’s appealing, hilarious and encourages kids to play with him, not just watch him.
  • Bakugan: This is classic boys’ play with an original twist. The transforming action is fun, and kids like the collectability. The game is easy to learn and engrossing, and kids have quickly adopted Bakugan and integrated it into their social networks.
  • Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker: Imagination, innovation and completely on-trend. Wonderful design meets open-ended creativity and a classic play pattern. Plus the cupcakes taste really good.
  • FurReal Friends Biscuit, My Loving Pup: Sheer technological innovation meets classic nurturing play in this life-size Golden Retriever puppy. We haven’t seen anyone who can stop touching or playing with him. This is definitely one of those toys that packs a lot of “wow,” but it’s also irresistibly adorable. 


For more top toys, reviews, video demonstrations and safety information, visit 

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