Top Theme Party Tips for 2012- New Year’s Eve Theme Party -What a great idea!

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Inspiration for a party theme can come from anywhere -- masquerades, Jersey Shore, clothing -- but these tips will get you thinking

(NewsUSA) – Let’s face it. Theme parties are a blast. They can turn any combination of coworkers, family and friends into an enthusiastic crowd admiring creative decorations and inventive outfits. The best part? Party themes can be as far-fetched, classy or outrageous as you like.

Event planning experts suggest going beyond holidays and committing to themes with some integrity. After all, these party themes must be worthy of belonging to the apocalyptic 2012.  A New Year’s Eve theme party maybe a great idea for this holdiay season.

All celebrations can gain an unforgettable flair or stylish elegance by adhering to a theme for key elements — specifically cocktails, music and decor. From birthday parties and anniversaries to baby showers and engagement parties, themes can be specific or broad, but they can also be pricey.

Since we don’t all have access to the deep pockets necessary to afford celebrity planners like Mindy Weiss or David Tutera, here are some creative tips to help select the ideal 2012 party theme.

* Go green. If your veins bleed green instead of red, plan an eco-friendly party. Decorate with luxuriant house plants and natural colors. Spend money on compostable paper materials, and save by making it a pot-luck event. Challenge your guests by urging them to only bring things they made themselves, whether it’s a dish, beverage or gift.

* Tap into doomsday fears. Optimize on the end-of-the-world hype and throw a wicked bash with a Goth theme. Keep an upbeat mood with punk rock favorites from the “Night of the Demons” soundtrack. The horror film from Seven Arts combined tunes from Zombie Girl and Creature Feature for a scarily popular soundtrack available for download on iTunes.

* Recreate your current TV obsession. If you’re gearing up for the season five premiere of “Mad Men,” turn your party into a sophisticated 1960s event complete with Old Fashions, Tom Collins and classic hits from artists like Ray Charles. Other shows like “Glee,” “Grimm” or “Dexter” would provide lots of entertaining costume ideas for guests.

* Commemorate a favorite decade. Whether it’s the 70s, 80s or 90s that has your friends reminiscing, combine all your beloved elements of the decade for a memorable celebration. From music to food to clothing, your party can mimic the times. For cheap decor, see what dusty gems are lying in your attic.