Team Wright Is Victorious and Takes Black Belt Grand Kumite Championship Cup at A.O.K.A. 62nd Isshin-Ryu Karate

Black Belt Kumite John Daniels Runner-Up for the Grand Championship, Kevin McGrath, Sensei Kenneth Jackson Grand Champion Cup Winner,Grandmaster Austin Wright Sr., Founder and Owner of Universal Warrior Arts Hanshi Ralph Passero President of AOKA
1st place Kumite winner Alejandra Gonzalez .

On Saturday September 28th, Universal Warrior Mixed Martial Arts Elite Team Wright from Hudson County (Bayonne & Jersey City) out kicked, out punched and out shined their opponents by bringing home 1st place titles at the “Don Nagle’s AOKA Inc. 2019 World Open Karate Championships” held in Bayonne, N.J. at Marist High School. Despite fierce competition and kicks to the head, Team Wright defeated various styles of Martial Arts, which included Karate, Taekwondo and Isshin-Ryu to name a few .
“ Elite Team Wright was on top of their end game by remaining Undefeated in the Adult male and Teen Female Kumite Fighting
Divisions “ says , Head NJ US National Team Coach and Trainer , Hanshi Austin Wright Sr. . Infact, Team