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Hoboken Gathers To Support Veterans Yoga Project Fundraiser Set For March 12th

veterans yoga project
HOBOKEN, NJ (Feb. 27, 2017)—Over 100 residents and yoga practitioners are expected to come together March 12th to raise money and awareness to support veterans and their families through a Veterans Yoga Project (VYP) fundraiser to be held at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.
Veterans yoga project The fundraiser offers participants a chance to meet Veterans Yoga Project founder Dr. Daniel Libby and learn how yoga and other VYP programs can help veterans and their families. Attendees can also enjoy a yoga class taught by veterans. Light refreshments will be served. All proceeds from the event will go to support the Veterans Yoga Project.
Support for the Veterans Yoga Project is critical. Since its inception, the VYP has helped thousands of veterans and their families reduce stress, ease pain and release traumatic imprints that negatively impact their lives through Mindful Yoga Therapy classes and multi-day retreats. The VYP also provides advanced training to yoga instructors so they can safely and effectively offer VYP services to veterans in their area.
The VYP’s work is seen has having a significant and positive impact on veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to depression and certain physical injuries. Research indicates that the group’s practices can quicken recovery from many physical and psychological disorders.  Participating veterans underscore the VYP’s benefits by reporting reduced stress, better sleep, enhanced concentration and the ability to better manage anger and aggression.
The March 12th event is the third annual VYP fundraiser to be held in Hoboken. The first came in 2014 in response to a request from the group to conduct fundraisers nationally during Veterans Gratitude Week. That year the Hoboken event raised more money than any of the almost 100 other fundraisers held nationally. The Hoboken program continued to lead fundraising efforts in 2015 and is expected to exceed its previous fundraising efforts this year thanks, in part, to support from Stevens, Starbucks, Bagels on the Hudson andThe Salak Group.

Veterans Yoga Project Hoboken Fundraiser Details

Date: March 12, 2017
Location: Stevens Institute of Technology (Walker Gymnasium)
Time: 11 AM – 1:30 PM
Donations: Suggested donation $100, Minimum Donation $25.

Please register or donate at:  www.tinyurl.com/vypcamaign

“Supporting the Veterans Yoga Project is a great way to give back to veterans and their families, who have given all of us so much,” explained Helene Graff, a co-founder of the event. “Coming to the event is more than just saying thank you. It is a way to help veterans and their families get their lives back on track”
About Veterans Yoga Project
The Veterans Yoga Project (VYP) is a nationally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to support recovery and resilience among veterans and their families through yoga and related programs.  The VYP offers veterans local yoga classes; conducts healing retreats for veterans recovering from stress-related challenges (including PTSD); provides online access to VYP programs and tools; and offers training to yoga teachers and veterans who want to provide VYP services to veterans.
To learn more, please visit:  www.veteransyogaproject.org.
Speaker, Instructor and Event Organizer Backgrounder
Dr. Daniel Libby
Founder, Veterans Yoga Program
Dr. Libby is a licensed clinical psychologist, researcher, and yoga teacher specializing in the mindful integration of evidence-based psychotherapies and complementary and alternative medicine practices for the treatment of PTS(D) and other psychological and emotional distress in active-duty military and veterans.  As founder and Executive Director of Veterans Yoga Project, he has taught yoga and mindfulness to hundreds of veterans and active-duty military personnel in recovery from PTSD, addiction, and other service-related mental health conditions, and provides education, mentoring, and clinical supervision to yoga teachers in treatment settings.
Tam Terry
Co-Founder, Hoboken Veterans Yoga Practice Fundraiser
Tam Terry is a Hoboken resident and an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor (ERYT) with Yoga Alliance. Terry teaches locally at Devotion Yoga, specializing in vinyasa, restorative and therapeutic yoga disciplines. An international presenter with over 1000 hours of yoga teaching experience, she has a large base of private and corporate clientele in the NY/NJ metro area. Since 2004 she also has served as senior faculty for Bright Spirit Yoga, contributing to the development of over 225 yoga instructors.  Recently, Terry joined the Integrative Medical Team at Atlantic Health System, where she leads programs in stress management.
Helene Graff
Co-Founder, Hoboken Veterans Yoga Practice Fundraiser
Helene Graff is a Hoboken resident and yoga teacher. She has completed the Veterans Yoga Training Program. Active in a variety of local volunteer efforts, Graff was instrumental in launching the first VYP fundraiser in Hoboken as well as the continued growth of the event.

Yoga Instructors—March 12 Event

Kristine Ringler (Army Veteran)
Rafael Rivera (Army Veteran)
Ceasar Fernando Barajas (Navy Veteran)
Ringler, Rivera and Barajas are certified Veterans Yoga Project instructors.