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Retired Wrestler Tony Santana of Jersey City Takes Life One Day at a Time

 Hudson People: Tony Santana -The Wrestler in White

By Sally Deering

Tony Santana He was known as “Dr. Santana” because he always wore white when he entered the ring. Long retired from wrestling, Tony Santana still  dresses in his signature ‘whites’ when he’s out and about in his Jersey City neighborhood. 

 Born in Puerto Rico, Santana came to Jersey City when he was 13 and went to work at the Eisen Bros. button company in Manhattan’s garment district. (Being tall and burly, Santana passed for 18 to get the job.) He worked there 30 years, starting first in delivery and moving his way up to manager.  He work ed at Liz Claiborne in Jersey City and owned his own button company at 111 First Street.  After five years of being his own boss, Santana turned to bartending at Rolon’s Keyhole Bar on Bay Street, retiring in 2010.

 During that time, Santana raised 18 children.  He also took an interest in wrestling Continue reading Retired Wrestler Tony Santana of Jersey City Takes Life One Day at a Time

Bruno Sammartino Wrestling Great Receives Key to Jersey City

Bruno Sammartino Wrestling Great Gets Key to the City of Jersey City from River View Observer on Vimeo.

At a special ceremony in the Jersey City's, City Hall, Mayor Jerramiah Healy presented Wrestling legend Bruno Samartino with a Proclamation and Key to the City of Jersey City.Sammartino has fought at different venues in Jersey City during his lengthly career as a wrestler.
Sammartino was in the Jersey City area for his induction ceremony at the Meadowlands Sports Complex on Satruday, April 6th where he is to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.