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Oscar Winners Viewed Through a Local Lens


By Ricardo Kaulessar

Riverviewobserver.netThe 86th Academy Awards will be held on March 2 to honor excellence in filmmaking during the past year.

But you may be thinking that the Oscars will be handed out in Los Angeles, and I am here in Cliffside Park or Bayonne. What connection does it have to me?

Actually, those towns as well as some others in northern New Jersey have an interesting association with Oscar history.


Whenever Bayonne is mentioned in any sentence regarding the movies, what should come to mind are two things: Tom Cruise and alien invasion.

Anyone who’s a fan of the 2005 blockbuster hit, “War of the Worlds,” will remember that Cruise’s character and his family lived in the Peninsula City before fleeing for their lives. Much of the Bayonne filming for the Steven Spielberg movie that earned three Oscar nominations happened in the area of First Street and Kennedy Boulevard. Continue reading Oscar Winners Viewed Through a Local Lens