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jersey city 9/11 memorial cEREMONY

Friday, September 11th8:30am-9:15amFoot of Grand Street, Jersey City Waterfront/Hudson River 

The 9/11 Memorial Committee of Jersey City will host an abbreviated outdoor River Front ceremony to commemorate the 19th year of the tragic attack on America.  There will be remembrances and tributes from survivors and dignitaries with an emphasis on two moments of silence at 8:46am 9:02am when the North and South Towers were struck. 

Tug boat cannon will spray like tears on River as we gaze at the site. The Ringing of the Bells will honor The Fallen whose names are etched in black marble on the waterfront, by the powerful sculpture of Twisted Mangle in the form of an “A” for America. 

Then participants can cast the Red White & Blue wreath and carnations into The Hudson River for an emotional tribute Social Distancing & Masks required