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9 Bar Café in Jersey City, Where Great Coffee is Science

 Espresso Yourself

By Sally Deering

9 Bar Cafe in Jersey City
9 Bar Cafe’ on Erie Street in Jersey City

Those who drip, press or perk coffee they purchase in a plastic container or who grab a cup from the corner take-out may want to wake up and smell the java at 9 Bar Café on Erie Street in Jersey City. That’s where owner Stefania Cocozza brews coffee like a scientist and the results are one fine cup of elixir from the Gods.

Too much?

Stefania Cocozza

Stefania Cocozza, owner, 9 Bar Cafe’ only serves coffees and espresso in porcelain cups to enhance the flavor

Then you’re obviously not a coffee connoisseur. But if you can’t live without your daily dose of freshly roasted coffee then 9 Bar Café may be worth the trip. Located a block off Newark Ave in Jersey City’s downtown district, 9 Bar Café, which opened in January, offers an oasis for coffee-lovers: big storefront windows for daydreaming and people-watching, large wooden tables for communal sipping, and two-tops where one or more java-lovers can sit with a laptop to write the  Great American Novel. Continue reading 9 Bar Café in Jersey City, Where Great Coffee is Science