We’ve all heard the expression, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”…probably more times in this past year than we ever thought we would! But it is true…struggles and worries can bring with them new skills, hobbies, appreciations, interests, coping mechanisms, strengths and relationships!

Join Project Greenville–in person and online–as they explore all of these through art, photography, music and demonstrations at the group exhibit, “Lemonade”. Participating artists

Catalina Aranguren
Aaron Dunkel
Yvad Erehsaw
Donchellee Fulwood
Richard Jedrzejek
Jin Jung
Jim Legge
Richard Maczuga
Pat Olsen
Lucy Rovetto
Theda Saniford
Ray Schwartz
Anthony Sienkiewicz
Elsie Sienkiewicz
Susan SienkiewiczWalk_Bye Artists
Beth Achenbach
Alejandra Alvarez
Catalina Aranguren
Khurshid Begum
Jennifer Brown
Abigail Chua
Carolina De Brigard
Beth DiCara
Isabelle Duverger
Peter Gagnon
Katelyn Halpern
Charles Lane
Michelle Malakoff
Michelle A. Mayer
Macuauley Norman
Marlene OHaireWalk_Bye Student Artists
Afrin F.
Ayra S.
Bertram O.
Chiara A.
Drake G.
Emily E.
Georgia S.
Kymani F.
Nathaniel O.
Rhys G.
Siddhi J.
Sophia O.
Vanessa N.

Collaboration: Baxter M, Henry P, Hayden M, Violet K, Penelope B, Miles S. and Elizabeth M

Their musical guests this time around are:TARA and Wyl White with Moissessions Studios at 6:30pm FridayGary Van Miert at 5pm Saturday Sofia Oro at 6pm SaturdaySocial distancing, masks, some new features of Project Greenville such as our Pay as You Wish Thrift and the unveiling of our Instagram & lemony refreshments for our in-person guests from 4pm-7pm Friday and Saturday (greetings and good vibes to our virtual guests Friday evening)!
For those of you joining online the event is FREE but you must register ahead of time with JC Fridays at www.jcfridays.com and they will send you the zoom link to view the presentation (Their segment will be around 6:!5pm on Friday June 4th, but please tune in for the whole show…lots of good stuff in store!)